Pengamebred (feat. NYCSPITZ)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, June 10, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

Chimerical comings of chiliastic consciousness clouds
the populous bows, fuck it I move with dominance now.
Midas drinking molten gold 'til his esophagus drowns
carnival of kings muted, morphin' opulence clowns.
Seeds to rule - peep poetry, my providence ploughs
a cognizant brow,
hubris flow 'n the prophetess frowns
but FUCK Delphi, I'm moving into prominence proud
pullin' bitches on beast mode like I'm Adonis endowed
and script subversive slum shit leaving congress in doubt
though if they flash Obama's dick pic I promise I'm out
Honestly these lies are NY metropolis bound...
grab the messengers, bury 'em in necropolis mounds.
lately - crystal clarity circles consciousness crowns
poor or rich...we're good and evil, simply bottomless nouns.
A quantum of karmic soup. Actions consequence bound
just spoon up the courage and BUILD like Romulus, dawg
wade Vesuvius ash slopes with only oxalis thoughts...
then erase friends who act like hippopotamus cocks
We're all Earth cells, gravitating homologous dots...
Jungle roar alpha swag, kick autonomous trots
stat killer God incarnate: the hypothesis drops.

Joseph Stalin was pot smoking, stalling in droughts
Spalding he’d caught, war was his ballgame, pardon the plodding in smock
Mocked, he was, for communist plots & calling the shots
A sparse conscience; the apostles had brought him to the monolith’s top
He’d had preconceived notions, like many, about powerful flocks
And maintaining control over the slaves in the mold, bibles were charred
Just remember table etiquette when dining with gods, the pagan patrol
Will smile upon the traces of scrolls…glad you’re staying abreast of world events
but I’d rather see breast through the world’s lens. All the nipples Aegis can hold.
I lurk among the Bergeron’s and hyacinths - it puts a burden on my sinuses
So many cliques guard my front door, you’ve gotta search the lawn for hyperlinks
Persian dawn - the site of sphinx - our turbans donned - the cycle’s stint
Inspecting decks, collecting debts for the murmuring myrmidons in Cyprus
We urge you to be more open with your writing, Bermuda triangle width
Before you lie in a pile of dirt fit for an alliance of pious kings
This collab verse was originally written for a split personality
The way Satan’s work paid off, we made comparative salaries
Until unresolved rage caused me to plagiarize my own work then try to battle me
Naturally, I lost, as all do who try to pass a tariff on the sheriff
Fists flailing on ya harelip before we tear into your barracks like some barons
I’m loco with the hoards exterminating these locusts on the boards
You will be assimilated…then pink slipped…LOCUTUSOFBORG
And if you think that you’re provokin’ with the chords
We’ll treat em like a warthog…smoke em with the boars

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