Opium Paradise Under Siege

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses
Clutch your last hope close, Susie - the creatures are breaking and entering
Shaking the pendulum, releasing midnight blue crusaders raiding your trachea's jettison
Should've listened to daddy and stopped taking the Ritalin
That vein of darkness consuming your every need, raping your innocence
Can't escape this pallid race as talons scrape you to little bits
I remember the night you got pregnant - the shroud of light in its presence
Then the ethereal griffins descended from the stalactites of perception
You should've listened to the inner voice uttering "please... wait!"
As every needle took you further into the tunneling dreamscapes
Mind states would glide, lavender beasts in the clouds would pirate the skies
You saw andromeda explode through those dilating eyes
The nurse stuck the thermometer through your pulsating thighs, and waited
For you to try and rise from psychic hibernation -
You passed out on the way back from the party, we watched your sidekick ride the pavement
The doctor couldn't find the time to save him
Our baby son's fetus started to decay within -
Maybe one more hit of heroine will make all those ugly creatures fade away again
Winged beings perch on your sarcophagus, leaking freon ice
Solidifying the cascading images of fallen daffodils and neon lights
She heavily breathes on pipes, reddish lobes fretting in synthetic limbo
As death's army comes on swift wings through her bedroom window
Here lies Susie Belfort, submerged in this emergent lake of sin
Maybe one more hit of heroine will make all those ugly creatures fade away again..


*curtains close*

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