Notes Towards the Identities of Ancient Cats

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, August 4, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

The panicked breath of air that the rat consumed
eyes like the solar moon’s incomparable black lagoons
Made the city halls dank beneath the sewer system
but it’s quite clear now, so thank the Theban steward’s gypsum
It’s part of the sermon, to particle surgeons
discarded while searching for various parts of the murdered
In compartments of vermin, moving through darkness, subverted
The purification of the ark is for certain though it’s partially Persian
Rah’s harbinger worsens, the calendar’s marked with a serpent
The lamentation of armies of whiskers just… sickens me…
A cat-and-mouse game that’s hit or miss in hidden mists of antiquity
We’ve paid in penitence and liberty, to sit in filth residually
Who always gets the shorter end of the stick? It’s we.
Us, making no fuss about the lack of rodent habitats in Egypt
making holes to travel back to Greece, this... is Arab anarchy
This is aromatic combat, the scent of death a mainstay in the sea
in a world of mice and men we’re looking for safe places to breed
So save face or get cleaned by a great plague of disease
The gray strain on the bay of debris is a quaint, raging stampede
Wondering what’s become of these ancient dangers?
Nothing…because now we’ve got Abu Ghraib mummification chambers
The sand is a molten grain brew at night, and thirdly,
We grew a triple-pupiled eye to oversee cult suicides
My father, a pharaoh rat known as Harsiese Hedjkheperre Setepenamun -
and if you didn’t pronounce his full name? You would die.
As the lost tribes make their way back to the anthill, hardly an option
pyramids lugging blocks of slaves like some sort of Dali concoction
Monuments of god's kin replaced by mouse kings
surrounded by ancient cloud springs in an archaeological coffin
So myself and forty billion rats, the Ali Baba of a race in ruins
Will survive throughout the ages, synonymous with “sacred” humans
I mean, roaches… you’re a swarm of such beasts I’m torn in belief
if I see a jackal or hear a ‘meow’ it’s a declaration of war in the sheikhs

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