Notes from the Visions of Ghandi's Palm Reader

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Poetry

 July 24, 2009


Slices of layer cake filled with blue gel
served to the incorrigibles
Beethoven huddled
under the warden's flaming cupboard
Absorbing dementia
Vast tangerine cauliflower terrain

The Zambian dirt roads
The azure sands of Europa
Lips cemented firmly by honey lace

Our collective phantom limbs
stored in the archives of the factory shadow
The trapdoor in the opera house of our minds

Incomplete.thought.schemes drizzled onto tar
The windy markets of grandfather's old memories
The gorilla mask vortex of Tokyo
The mom without
Death's death settled, surfacing
Brutus barking orders
to the physics of his 40 cal. switchblade

Artillery shells floating in the glade
Exit wounds
Slide show of lime green wallpaper
Morpheus comic strips
droplets on the Crusader's braids

"Doctor... th-the world needs to see."

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