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Humanity is a dark species, with light moments,
and generally I don’t like us very much.
You can have this world if you desire it
Just learn group psychology
Oil the tectonic plates semiannually;
Control the financial system, make note of it in concentrated efforts
Beware of banana republics
And the propaganda ruled sectors of fruit companies
What is ripe should stay ripe,
with no worms swimming in the poison apples
that taste… a little bit like caramel

I’m high up on this neutral flagpole at this late Manhattan hour.
Trying to throw off the scent Mahatma left
Like gunpowder on leaves,
The marble floors of the titan’s consulate
Instrumentation of silver adorned tongues,
Ordained - waiting for the lip smack of wolvengeckos

Mahatma knows his species well and takes out his sketchbook.
Stencils the elephants of Kenya,
Stencils the elephant graveyard of Kenya
Paints the orangutans of monkey city,
Paints the orangutans used as scientific experiments,
There is a human face he depicts in his drawings
That shares a strange dialogue:

Reap the charcoal marauders in Dharma
Reflect not the warm trickle of happy, civilized people
Leave your imprints on the world renowned, in art
Animate what we left behind
Leave it on your pillow at night
the dead white snow of dusk
The intruder of all sleep

The cabin is bleeding morosely, chill in the bipolar night.
Stray antelopes morph within the walls
A fireside burns nimbly;
The whole place is co-owned by dream snatchers
With their orange box cutter claws
terrestrial fossils on the lakeshore

Forests of beyond sway cooperatively in the nether light.
So… it was arsenic all along.

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