New York City burns

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Before I shot Franz Ferdinand, I tried to tell the man
For rear protection, please clear direction for this telegram
He turned his head and scoffed, I gave the signal to the sniper
The bullet spliced the jugular as it ripped into his piper
That day the great war began, or so the people thought
A philosopher once said -
There's no such thing as great wars for man
So armies marched for their feeble cause, conquered beach and tar
Thousands of paratroopers landed over steeple barge
One giant step for humanity, then the first leap to Mars
When the great fire knocked out all of the wire
There began the sky aurora of alchemist gliders
Populations stood on the rock of Earth and salvaged, deciphered
Unlatched the valve of the kaiser to bring their countenance higher
Breathe in every ounce of hydrogen, live a sweet life
Living within the mist of street life -
Just know that the fire burns within the icelandic street light
The intensity peaks when the energy courses
Like the seventy horsemen, as the elements seep
Have you heard the sound when an elephant sleeps?
Or felt the expelling estrogen as the specimen breathes?
Have you ever tried to earn an earnest living?
Derived from the last simmering ash of a burning village?
Waking up, again, I look up towards the forlorn skies -
One with the firelight that reflects off of the warlord's eyes

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