Mr. Templesmear, in his Forward Thinking Capsule

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, September 5, 2013 Under: Poetry

He careened over a solar system that’s name was
without vowels, without consonants, and without inhabitants
therefore, without religious barriers
hunched over a pew in the meditative chamber of the Spacecrux,
he clasped his hands together and prayed
for terrestrial races with names of which he also did not know
whose creeds, foreign to his own, were supernatural
in the sense that they abided by physical laws, but superseded reason
“This facility no longer offers church services”
came the voice from the purring loudspeaker
the computer sputtered, correcting itself for its intrusion
“Sorry sir, didn’t hear you open the soundproof door,
I was conducting a practice alert system for holistic rituals”
he replied "stand down computer, all is well. I’m the one
who didn’t hear you open the corridors of faith, so
the fault is mine, though religion is still an active wormhole
robotic sentience may as well be a message from the gods”
Monotheism was in short supply those days
especially in outer regiments of each great black void
range rovers and tectonic skimmers were somehow
convinced that a divine engine powered through the rancid
shortcomings of creation theory contained branches
that extended into other fields of destiny, making horticulture
a reality in these vast eco-cosmo vineyards
atoms tended to freefall onto Newton’s skullcap

Mr. Templesmear was designed for the job of reverend
the lord‘s galactic agent, evaluating belief values
with own contraptions and judgments, guided celestial
travel services funded his researches
“the brain of a holy man is predisposed to deterioration
unless an outside device can intervene,
offering moonshine as de-clogging fluid:
the antidote for the mythological, and the Unlikely 
preserving the act of “THINK” - an original feat!"
he poked away at atheist vein formations
like a thirsty astronaut fingering a canteen on Mars' slopes
trying give us something to believe in during the third Nanoage…
A forward thinking capsule of wisdom, his own words
his own impulses and doctrines
he kneaded a personal bible in his ortho-proton-based hands
offering: ‘EXPLORE YOUR DEPTHS’ with the tagline
"Contaminate other worlds with the gene of curiosity,
and no species will be for the worse."

In : Poetry 

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