Move your thoughts aside... (feat. Testament)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses


Move your thoughts aside for a moment -
Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac were cloaked in the smoke of the jazz lounge
Samuel L. Jackson on the saxophone, he went global from Naptown
Said he was holding the map down -
Pot of Moroccan coffee brew absorbing the black grounds
It's all in the vast sound of the sound barrier plains
The Red Cross didn't even remember the carrier's name
So the three kings of entertainment buried their fame
Bought a Styrofoam cup and headed to the ferry for change
A few people looked them up and down pronounced them "a couple clowns"
In a life and death situation, you'll succumb to the hunger now
Their cheers of support had come from another crowd
They went from macked out BET television business suits
To tuning into the crackhouse, but they had to make a living through
Immersed in the reefer, in their minds they were the purplest zebras
Signed up for a comedy club show called The Urban, Beleaguered
The version, the sequence that it came out in
Was the most legendary stand up show that came out since
Flame-grout princes of tradition in the take out sense
Now back to your regularly scheduled 8 Mile skits



set your thoughts aside,
where they ought to lie..
you reached for the stars,
but you fought the sky -
and lost the fight...
to journey to the heavens,
he let caution drive
fuck it, I never caught a ride.
I forgot to die.
cause when god dangled paradise in front of me
I never bought the bribe
just to chop some time, never dropped a dime,
cause I reached in my pocket
and only got my thigh
i felt the cost of life
a poor mans paradise - the most rotten high
just a slave to the external
but not tonight
cause I drank from the sun, but its rays are sharp...
and i aint the type to swallow knifes.
so im in the dark, but maybe i'll finally wake up
and finally stop the lies
and forget about what we once thought was right
maybe, just maybe - we'll set our thoughts aside
where they ought to lie.

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