Mother's Liberation Front

Posted by Erik Moshe on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

The womb parted with a hefty heave, revealing two gleaming, wet heads
twins that developed from a Niger Delta, bundled in see-through bedspreads
The doctor wiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand
He said "blood runs thicker than water reservoirs run by capital clans..."

"The enamel of man, does it revolve around gunslinging?
when the best weapon on the market is a solid domestic upbringing
Each face tells a burden, a story, but where's the synopsis?
Miners search for rare minerals yet neglect key breastmilk deposits
It was apparent to all walks of life that a solution was needed
troops in the scenic Djibouti ravines were ruthless and fiendish
Shogunates, sultanates, soullessness - ample proof of human diseases
Matters of diplomacy were obsolete, the MLF was rebuking the thesis
unleashed in a region of rash defilers where nothing's dad inspired
Broken cradles of civilization, delinquents fumbling with pacifiers
Fortresses and bazaars in Zaire pulverized, the fires smoldered
Violent cultures of tribal warlords, child soldiers, fortified, ages 4-to-5
If it's cold outside of the warm cocoon and you awaken, mortified
Avoid the warring hives, and resume the trek into that formless guise
Reports project immobilized militant elements, so they won't mislead you
Instead of projectiles in Mogadishu - unconditional love is whole & peaceful
Nature vs. Nurture, a nation of burglars eclipsed by debris
The struggle for resources, not resourcefulness, spilling into the streets
for kindred entrenched in Belize following perilous decrees
Uganda, Mama: a non-threatening authoritarian regime
based on caring for your needs, serenading in harems in the trees
Instead of garrisons of siege, try some carriages of geese
because Mother Goose wasn't caught up in any animal prestige
If you've disbanded, get reprieved... recreated, yes indeed
The sensible resurrection of the single selective trait of empathy
[Please, sit down, Prospective Donor.]
Let us explain how we can halt gold purgers and slave trades
The criteria for Liberia's quintuplets to hold squirters, not AK's
We can nurse you back to good health, detox miserable mandates
by not only changing diapers, but also geopolitical landscapes!
for Sudan's sake, we'll campaign until we're sand flakes or up above
It might be a bad idea...but after all, who doesn't need a mother's love?

In today's news,
The United Nations has officially declared scud missiles a nuisance
reconfigured Africa's focus on gorgeous conception and irresistible cuteness
Pistols, bazookas, the list is voluminous! Yet the mood isn't bleak
As Dr. Life hands the newborn to its mother, she embraces it, coos it to sleep

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