Moses 2.0

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, February 1, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

The Ten Commandments were buried under a field of solid pavement
Property of a lost oasis, dug up after repeated provocations
Maintenance instructions were to...
Cleave and rob or raid it, in the name of science, collegiate consummation
A breathing God is waiting - face emerging from a green intoxication
Passers-by had a choice: Flee the oscillation
or witness a religious war of Theomach's persuasion
He's watching, patient, rumor says he wears an olive fragrance
and the way walks among his kindred, he's destined for inaugurating
Apostles postulate when he'll ponder sonnet making,
Designing a new book of lasting life stratagem for all his patrons
He ran his calloused desert-worn hands through arid tamarisk...
Reminiscing on how widespread the royal Pharaoh's cancer is
His progeny - followers of an ecology, debating the weather
demonstrating to Esther that if the city allowed him, he'd change it forever
through the razing of unproductive temperaments and unsustainable habits
by spreading date bushes through temperate lands - sedating the malice
He wrote a handful of parables before raising his chalice...
"We should be like plants; thrive where we see fit
during the times of Egypt, the wound of isolation widened and deepened
I ascended an abandoned skyscraper with Abaddon's scribed paper
and a Samsonite hourglass in case the sands of time wavered
Don't think of me as a paradigm savior with a clan of rhymesayers
hard work pays bills, but pyramid slaves? Don't romanticize labor
enough of that useless babble; my niche was to rule the vassals
and to make damn sure that Eden's producing apples
if you need some proof, it's ample, do it before rigamortis stiffens
I parted the Red Sea by getting mummies to dig enormous ditches
picked to lord over misfits... kick the corpse of the rich djinn
and use CO2 as the harbinger of this single source of religion
A man came to me late Feb, I said don't aimlessly break bread
The more humane way to take out Ramses' firstborn would've been
to make him watch television, instantly leaving him brain-dead
I've tried assessing pride with a wretch in the asbestos mines
Aleppa's vines were electrified, sterling roots became red from Petra dye
treading columns of pomegranate trees calmly, I blessed the skies
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon didn't require pesticides
Dear collapsed divisions: the task is written for all to see
The genesis will begin with Akashic reeds, isthmus & gnostic sheathes
Everything in the distance would literally glisten with forestry
Imhotep reappointed as mayor and master builder, ministers quarantined"

Words for the masses from which the Seven Seas would flow
The prophet surveyed the metropolis, and with collective reach in tow,
He gripped his wooden staff and pronounced "Let my people grow..."

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