Mayhem Gardens: Feltanomics (feat. Kaeo Seru)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

Kaeo Seru

How you gone tell me how to tie my shoes but can't afford em
I sold my soul for these soles, but I bought em
A hard road I walk but at least a ni**a comfortable
since I've paid for my time I'm just tryna stay punctual
its not what you know that makes a ni**a functional
but how you apply it. keep ya mind on the science
if my appliance is violence, then what you will find is
a grind thats inclined to get you to buy this
Keep in mind its, supply and demand
it feeds on the need of supplies I command
if your need should rely on my brand
would it be awry of your stand to deny that I am
Integral to this part of the plan. a vinyl clutched
the final touch of an artist's hand
remember this during this judgement your passing
If you did your own killing would you need an assassin?


I'm a fiend for this passion but it comes with withdrawal symptoms
and equal detachment for the tongue that absolves with women
AR-15's do the yappin' amidst the hunger to rob the system
Mobbin' pilgrims wear the lauded emblem; souls are accosted kindred
seems you've become a damned breed, insanity has you
Who'd have thought we would be in debt for crooked family values?
In the land of the slouched moon, where Hell's shares vex
while mankind's bankrupt, the sun's energy's collecting welfare checks
so what if it melts their flesh? Tell em even though it's feeling pointless
The truth burns... nobody said it was a healing ointment

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