Marvelous Martha (doesn't age like other women)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, March 7, 2013 Under: Poetry

Marvelous Martha (doesn't age like other women)

"Seeing is believing"
said the old woman in the department store cashier line

"If it weren’t for this rickety body-dress I’m wearing
You would’ve thought I was twenty-five"

I agree, politely
imagining time relocating its deterioration deposits elsewhere
As “old” and “woman” separate like two cells
under a telescope vastly known as the Glass Eye of Youth
healing those of age
while preserving their 85 years of acquired life’s wisdom
and experience

I saw her behind the wheel of an abnormally large sedan
causing terror on the Pima county roadways
a 25 year old woman in an ancient body
speed racer, representing the granny club
who’d grandly snub a ticket to the fountains of longevity
given the water there wasn’t cold enough to make her shiver

Her skin wrinkled
but her eyes aglow with inquisitive dialogue
The cashier attempts to scan her items
along with her body, for a formal expiry date,
or a bar code, a brand name, a placeholder

She refuses the 5 year warranty
laughing warmly as she does so
places three boxes of tissues, rainforest-patterned
onto the counter, and steers the cart away from the line
The cashier asks ’would you like a bag?’
a lady who resembles a fat cat
a French-Canadian house hamster from the Belleville Sisters era

The old woman winces, remembering she’d rather
be cremated than be bagged, a traditional ceremony
where the six senses of purgatory mind and flesh
are relegated to ashes and dust,
a Germanic medley of memories, molecules
a mad eye for exterior designing
knowing she only drove to the department store
to get out of the house and stretch those old legs
but my, does she have strength

This 85 year old machine without a warranty
was blind to age restrictions
the oldest young person I've happened upon in a long time

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