Lower Hanging Feuds

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, December 18, 2015 Under: Poetry
Notoriety doesn't impress
if the regurgitated lines are wrought with streudeled wrinkles

Masculine and feminine universes
- temperaments
could be the end-all reason for the case of exact opposites:
Fire and water
Optimism and pessimism
Heroism and villainy

The big dipper swig
fluids in the Horsehead Nebula's bladder
Pillared clouds, Batwing black gunk
interspersed. Kidney colored time capsules
drifting like red blood cells
in an incomplete sonogram

Who can explain
the burdens of a broken nail
to a shattered world
least of all to a monk in the Mars Canal
praying to an obsidian gold interface
Halls of granite -
but that which is still stone will pass; will degrade
Like a grenadier's bullet at mach speeds
stripped of underlying principle
and force fields

Larger matters must be attended to
not always of the fanciful and grand
but the ruinous and totaled
the extraordinarily tragic
the transcended blood-borne diseases
magnified in an arachnid's dark glare

In : Poetry 

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