Love Water on Tough Stuff Beach

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Under: Rhymed Verses
The liquor dissolves, a pool on her lips
A licorice drawl succubus kiss
The innocent mauled, obtusely ripped
by an intimate wall - a stewardess Styx
The sinister drawdowns of a beautiful bitch...

The love boat ordinarily cruises at low tide
A manageable pace for cuttlefish Cupids to coast by
Waves combust. Distasteful lust dislodges their bodies
and sinks an ocean-licked vessel, topples it, oddly enough
If it's a tsunami, they're fucked.
It's optimum, paltry, a subconscious bombarded with gusts
Indeed, this fiend reaps much pleasure when his shark fin is up
Gyrating in circular motions, skirting planks, impartial to love
Particles flush, carp & turtles become carcasses, hushed
The movement of the sea is ruffled parchment, darkened with blood
each voyage's funk forms a tartar of sudden foam
Intimacy crashes; a vermillion splashes
on distant harbors of jutted stone...
Reduced to cinders, is Marco Polo's hundredth home
Pupils strewn with splinters, the ruins of coral reef honeycombs
Silence falls over the horizon like rustic snow
Fishermen soak in the maritime warmth of the morning shine
today's a frontal assault on the schools, tomorrow's a sore behind
Disorientation caused by impact ensures you can't follow a storyline
fjords of wine pour onto her palms and gorgeous pines
but the poor folk on the shore croak in abnormal time
Aid flows to foreign territories, they've been flogged to bits
she's a bossy chick. But his insensitivity caused a rift
lives divorced from reality - redheads in a blonde abyss
Subverted and bed-stretched in the Bombay mist
"No more.." she moans on the steamboat's deck
praying for God's hand to interfere with the libido effect
Watch the brave sea men with their harpoons, standin' in place
feet submerged, the beastly surf rises for romantic embrace
Oh, the outcome? Titanic.
Can't you hear the sound the mandolin's make?
when the ship's going down, the captain unbuckles his pants & just waits
for the antics to fade. Their momentum triggered a killing spree
Feelings of suffering following pleasure,
the end of a savage day in which a massive wave struck the Philippines.

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