Love in the Desert

Posted by Erik Moshe on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 Under: Rhymed Verses
So what if god's complex? Especially when god has a god complex
We the created who've received this stasis and state of affairs
Sit here, occupy space, man prayer grounds & take in the air
Rain isn't rare - storm surges are manifestations; music of rebirth
Newtonian laws suggest togetherness, and water is a connoisseur of teamwork
Matter of factly, we know nothing, but at least we observe
Supernovas in the ocean of the nearly absurd
On the brink of massive catastrophe, living suburban, as skeletons
The temporary universe is why we can't maintain a permanent residence

It was pitch black in the necromancer's desert regardless
of the incendiary arrows that couldn't rev up enough to strike targets
Ethnic cleansing of all disfigured members, lepers, and artists
had been attempted with no expense for the night's harvest
Bearded dragons and beetles mulled about the sand, indifferently
though situations had risen which would've damned Mephistopheles
Bahadir felt his steed was taking longer strides
Thirteen sundowns cast a dreary light that calmed the scribe
Fatigued, they'd camp for the night, pour some rice
His "horse" if you could call it was Gorgon-like, half dragon even...
Agathodaemon with humanoid hands, much like a Moorish sprite
A scholar, Bahadir was on this journey because there was more to life
Quill as a sword, he'd spring from the morgues and forge a rite
He was a commoner save for his grisled ambitions, a man of normal sights
Mentioned as a prodigy of ancient mysteries and institutions of rhetoric
Master jeweler of logic and alchemy, yet not so rudely intelligent
Steward of Coptic galleries - full of beauty, yet derelict

Hitchhiker couple, amulet in Miriam's hands
Jihad embodied as the theory of man - letters addressed to:
Dear Isthmus bands, clearing, slashing, burning
cleaving, clasping sterling, heaving brass at Gershwin
Dreams of cash and bourbon, vulgar eros in platonic love
tartar-ed teeth humming through a harmonica's aural rungs
Bubonic thrush, the sartyress founded upon a glob of disease
She took the reigns of his Gorgon steed, black with reprieve
and galloped down to the Aqaba sea

Caves had no mortgage, provided safety, less extortion
They slept in the hollows like terracotta headless horsemen
Her function was to offer him suction, self immolation & betel leaves
Was he as strong as he projected? she thought
On the silt road, she'd been intimidated by lesser beings
Esoteric poetry was his thing; he'd stay up by firelight
"Spinners, allotters and yarn weavers
Charm seekers, dream catchers, homeopaths, palm readers
Dark Caesars, chariot attendants with arms in the bear trap
The true nature of algebra in the golden ages of Baghdad
Death remedies: the nomenclature ain't half bad
The heads of the Five Cloaked Men, and the Roman Quakers in black bags
Punjabi maidens, corruption: "Why dark matter matters..."
- and why it's okay to write dissertations for nothing
How not to make interrelations so pungent
Avoid distasteful assumptions in the age of the loveless"
The two measured their meters of good will on a Tillman's mission
They built a glass-beamed tent in the middle of a sandstorm in the Middle Kingdom
Mildew was formed in the isle of zombies - cycles of progeny
He learned to disconnect an umbilical cord in compliance with Shakti
The dead walked - his offspring, silent as armies
Then the federation arrows came down, sparking a violent autopsy
ISIS Musashi, catcher of rye, clavicles tied
Chronic inflammation of the caliphate's eye

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