Lindbergh's Legacy

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Lindbergh's Legacy

"One should see the world, and see himself as a scale with an equal balance of good and evil. When he does one good deed the scale is tipped to the good - he and the world is saved. When he does one evil deed the scale is tipped to the bad - he and the world is destroyed."

The only thing in this world crueler than a child with a magnifying glass
is the man that takes the brainchildren of a just and equal society ransom.
Here’s an alibi at last, taking fatality’s chances. The survival of anthems
dependent on the youth reclaiming the olden masks of these phantoms
Our lifeline’s short, we needn’t even ask for compassion’s enjambment
It's a long, unrevised poem about theology: shipwreck on Nazareth landing
let’s get past all the chanting, ranting, and havoc to managing planning
let's put a halt to throwing stones at Goliath’s evening carriage at random
I don’t see giants among men, I see adolescent vassals and barons
I see Lazarus baring his teeth in a palace disparaged, collapsed in the barracks
Some would prefer infanticide to being trapped in a harem,
or going to church with no lasting morals, a pale, waxen appearance
the factor's embarrassing. We need to grow up, summon the blue flames
As a race we’re still wet behind the ears from the blood of the crusades
Buttered nougats and soufflés adorn a table fit for no man
Most that dine deserve the boxed lunches at Auschwitz’s daycare program
The fountain of youth without an irrigation system -
causes sandy hooks that do little to lift the veil on properly raising children
Keep your top hats on, my brothers from a number of troubling tribes
Please take your prayer beads out and raise 'em up to the discomforting sky
My point to make is that the age of accountability doesn’t apply;
if we don’t live in an age of accountability, but that‘s the crux of this lie.
Take the offspring of our wives. Those little munchkins make a stunning regime
I hope the mark of the bee sting leads to prosperous fields of honey and wheat
Rather than a toppled veneer, the rubble of Greece, we were rubbin their cheeks
though they crawl, coo, & cuddle in sheets, soon they’ll succumb to the breach
We wear condoms in fear that we’ll give birth to sons that besiege
We’re past the 1980’s coups, the incubation flukes, it sounds crazy too
The first steps that they take…stamping on the human face forever, in baby shoes.
Exaggerations? Few. Just look at the data I’ve collected
If evil stems from childhood, why not at the earliest stage attempt to correct it?
Today’s lesson: Children of men, if given the chance to...
Would take advantage of that undeveloped, foreign disguise
When the umbilical cord is cut, don’t be hypnotized by those adorable eyes
cause I know human nature on a first name basis & he can be a horrible guy.
These first-borns’ll provide much destruction, build missiles and drones
Miniature killers who continue to hone lineages of anti-spiritual rogues
Consider that Reverend Death smiles at us all, smitten in chrysalis smoke
for the crimes our brainchildren have committed in loads
Payback’s a bitch to the bone
and poetic justice wasn’t the most well written of codes
therefore I regret to inform you that your million dollar baby's on official parole.

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