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Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, January 17, 2016 Under: Poetry

Mother seraphim motioned with okra eyes
to the incoming stigmata storm - husk husk husk
went the beat of drums fit for a beast's awakening
Clouds multiply, surrounding an angelic superhighway
Wrists glean, irises swell, colons creak
odors wreak but the thing that speaks to the whole
is how passing into the next world
still generates a bit of heat, like a cricket's leg

The cold entropy of unknown voids - isolated wingspan
of an unclaimed sweeping omega
allows warmth into a pocket of earth
Comas from which you fell
become jolted spring girth, measured in fathoms
lover's embraces - poverty hugs

Puff of smoke from an orangutan
indecisive divisive destitute decompression chamber
Human 101 Seminar: Why Your Holiness Goes to the Well
Pushed from the edge - created from his image
Reflected in the water, a mankind monkey
so capable of destroying
so adept at crafting a winged being from the spines & spindles
of a ruined necropolis set to a backdrop of crude helium
Sunrise seems peachy
inhabitants engage in sweet nothingness

I strike milk from the breast deposits of destiny
You drink, even if prophetic words spill from your mouth
leaving you without them

Hunger mars the best of us
the devil's trifectas suffer from it too
their trials of death;
Deer smashed by headlights, or gored by pike
Shell shocked stare from an empty mind
The grayness evident, like a horse's flowing hair
cascading over the shoulders of the willing

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