Internet Explorer: Logoff Warning

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, April 7, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

The Bill of Rights prohibits censory; that’s what freedom epitomizes…
Stop trying to legitimize assemblies of internet police.
If you’re tryna toss my salad - give me some vinaigrette at least
This is no smoke alarm, I’m just tokin’ on this info-sect cigarette in peace
When at work under strict contigencies, chicks are disturbing to me
I’ve been at this computer so long the skin of my fingers have merged with the keys
The mission is simple, deter harmful mergers that curb our words superlatively
Heard the herd in a screech. You could see it in their faces when the servers were breached.
I’m everywhere. Find me where the secret services meet
If worst comes to worst, you’ll be under curfew while I’m unearthed on a beach
Search for your niche, findin' out that Wiki predetermines their Leaks
& Al Jazeera’s jeerin’ cause the whole god forsaken web's been purchased by a services lease
I’m determined to be, the opposite of lazy they accused me as a slacker
Now I’m back committing mutiny in communities of hackers
Tyrants monopolizing all that’s wireless, get halted by my viruses - despised and yet
We’re still interconnected - minds receptive to the idle silence of this cybernet
Tried for liaison, those lying pricks… even came on Netcees to traumatize Diasick
Fire flecks the fox, disorder imposes on explorers and trolls
Next thing you know, the president announces the first bandwidth border patrol
These so called law enforcers are condoning torture for what you say on your portable phones
Never let them close the doors on your pages like Jim Morrison’s prose
Loading resistance databases - file down. “You’ve been online for awhile now.”
WARNING TO ALL GLOBAL USERS; if you do it for the lulz… you’re on trial now
A memory card, a Youtube account, and a doctrine, all my disciples found
Nothing but black thoughts in my head, the roots of liberty rising down
Whether you trust us or not, we’re all part of this nation’s populace
And through it all… enraged, but patient. We'll still remain Anonymous.

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

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