I. Foundation

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, February 10, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses
I. Foundation

There’s bloodlust in the compost and it’s more than I can bear
As cords of hybrid snares morph to Mordecai’s despair
Choruses of pouring light soak the dolomite supports until the sulfur-irons scorch
One can always expect those colder nights up north, no Folgers, pipe or broth
The sun soothes it’s fragile bones through the art of war to mobilize the source
As the seeds take the journey through the strata stream like Moses’ plight
Global strikes enforced, putting an end to fertility’s symmetry
The process took centuries, eventually rendering brittle the filament inside willow trees
Foundation corrupted, yet one last burnt oak remains on a vacant street
Facing weeks full of dog day afternoons - the hounds of Vagisil can’t wait to eat
Have you seen a tree cry in joy when it rains? I know you’ve seen it before
The artillery dusted leaves..
- the family of saboteur squirrels that sleep at it’s core?
Discard what you believe… I see life in a starving artist’s garden full of weeds
But there’s such little hope now; it’s enough to make any honest carpenter reprieve
Greenland beard, the Earthen wolf banes; mother nature’s legionaries
The promise for a wetter life is the reason why they’re even here..
His name was Edwin Gnarlyroot, spartan of less trodden forest on armored marmaluke
Underground, hung up in his hammock by the carbon noose - phantom of the waterloo
Black sod barons & the panic from the babalus pollutes Sodom’s pool of solitude
The talk of rule of law surfaces, plans to rebuild get added to the furnaces
But the enemy to all living things is the atmosphere -
this guy in the sky Gaia pending all purchases
“Bacteria or Man?” headlines the Scientific Review questioning whose Earth it is
No atom, eve of war, or organism to corrupt so you can’t even hear the serpent hiss
Roots outstretch palms toward an ebony basilica - competitive edges bred in us
One giant sequoia remains encased in glass in the Courtyard of the Seventy Americas
The Fertilizer Minister declares “this is a world of shit and humanity’s an enema!”
Maybe children will speak of Smaug and the Hobbit, the march to the obelisk
The darkest monolith in the providence where ecological prophets sit
Plant your feet now and grow a higher consciousness -
In this erudite valley of the antibiotic manic depressed
A working man in the trench says: "Well I'll be damned, it's a stretch...
But there’s a tree infected with life… and it’s still standing in the land of the dead."

"...we oughta water it, don't you think?"

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