Group Therapy Session (ft. Neighbor and Paradigm)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 4, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses


Equipped alien weaponry aimed directly at the planes trajectory
Traverse this plane wit telepathy; levitate out a black hole with a sign that reads...
"R.I.P Malaysia Flight 370"
Degree in chemistry; mix hydrochloric brews; Agent Orange and Blue
Watching Neigh Palm weapons big enough to turn the whole Vietnam forest floor a fluorescent hue
Mordor's hordes weapons in view, fire at will; Admire the skill
aim skyward and reel; drag ya leader back to the front-line and funeral pyre the kill
Ya Lord Sire forreal; from start to finish I create and flow well
I'm even a motherf****ing psychopath at the check-in... welcome to Bates Motel.
Mix Vodka, Kahula and Baileys - that's a recipe for disaster
Getting Drunk in Washington protesting funerals with Westboro Baptists after
You forced this laughter watch you grab ya throat vomiting
Addicted to holy water promethazine ready to accept Morpheus peace offerings
A cult following, popularity is the reason they rally
Describing my crew? the Term 'In' is Welcome... more than Walking Dead's season finale
Group Therapy session, psychiatrists diagnosis is clear
and the beast inside is starting to tick... Captain Hooks Crocodile is near


The Glock 9 that I'm grippin could start a bonfire.. I'll hog tie ya division
A dogfighter with SWAT sniper precision; my strong right'd make God cry in submission
W/ shots primed to go online in an instant, put the pistol-grip to ya neck
Ripping into ya flesh; the grimmest picture of Death's sickle swinging in synergistic effect
Constructing your fate with multiple blades I culled from the Ancients
Approach your city carrying the skulls of the vanquished like the hull of a slave ship
Summon the strength of Goliath.. hit like a Congo viper hocking saliva
Somalian pirate in the wake of Poseidon, my optical fibers like an Oculus visor
A locust swarmin out the lotus blossom, the wrong one to go to war with
Ronin swordsman in cloaking armor like a Trojan horse full of Roman Spartans
A polar storm shiftin the global orbit, reached the pinnacle of lethal cynosure
My genes're sinister.. DNA print reads as genius literature with Nietzsche's signature
Brain fires impulses from pilot's controls.. process data with dire results
My mind make a diamond corrode; to write what I know'd leave you white as a ghost
Or with Meyer syndrome.. I'm Einstein if he wired his skull to a nitrogen bulb
A dynamo clone in a scientist's coat, deciphering rows of binary code

Vulgar (me)

I'll take a fictional setting and rake the thistle and webbing
Nabatean idioms reckoned I'd face a zillion legends
To skate the literal tempests - my ancient friends wouldn't mention
Inept friars, protect ya neck fibers when I'm raving to GZA with clenched fists
Let's make it simple as Reddit; if Para & Saber's gripping the weapon
you're off to a rocky start boxin' with the old guard like Mason Dixon's obsession
Just taste the venom, accept it - Pagan riddles erected
If Kano's kissing your empress, each page is visual leverage
RESPECT my team. We ain't your average Aretha Franklin nipple suppressors
We came to give you a lesson, a statement issued to enrich or triple investments
Overhaulin' with no balls - couldn't even scrape the Michelin's melon
I'm eight parts phalanx, nine percent gold digger
Five percent 5-Percenter, cypher set stone slinger
Prescribing final deaths to idle lines of vets, no zingers
cause V's an unsympathetic, isometric, cybersect chrome stickler
Megatron rebuilt by Chevy, the system's not gonna fall
The cinderblocks in my palms had Liston droppin' his jaws
Enough subtle teasing. No longer preachin' to Priory's
A fuckin' beast when I'm writing these on eternal scrolls of summer evening ivory
Another creature entirely with another creature inside of me

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