Graham Crackers (the crumb crumbles) feat. jube jube

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

Pick up those crumbs between the lines.
Eat them.
Feel them.
Put them in a Mexican cook’s frying pan and hit yourself over the coal boulder head.
A patchwork of squares that enters the esophagus sarcophagus

We work all our lies for this sadistic slave driver
We dedicate ourselves to make toys so we don’t get fed to the cannibal reindeers
Malnutrition and helplessness reign supreme,
Our only food is graham chrackers. Exit stage write

I just ate two egos this morning,
One with syrup, the other with a decaying, molten monster of caramel and honeycomb bears.
If you meet a grizzly in the forest … what do you do?
Offer it the precious resource and drop to your knees?
Then, drive the crackling spear into the beast of the outdoor downpour loud roar!

The source of the red shirt clan’s true power resides in…


Tell anyone and we’ll kill you! : )

In : Poetry 

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