Goebbels Budget Brain

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I call on you to fight for your city. Fight with everything you have got, for the sake of your wives and your children, your mothers and your parents. Your arms are defending everything we have ever held dear, and all the generations that will come after us. Be proud and courageous! Be inventive and cunning!
-Dr. Goebbels

The Goebbels Budget Brain is an affordable replica of Joseph’s
Nazi Germany’s Minister of Propaganda, remember all the posters?
Manufactured with care by the Third Reich Anatomic Company
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A great learning tool for science majors who are really confused
about the different parts of the brain and how it’s built to compute
Price: 27.99. FREE Shipping on orders over $6 million Jews
In Stock. Gift-wrap available in black and red swastika print
This model organ is stylish, innovative. Glossy and pink.
Satisfaction ensured. It’s quite juicy, really. Try not to pinch, please
Unbeatably functional. It’ll take your mind for a blitzkrieg

The fires of intellect in Berlin are bright...
[Throw out your Anatomy textbooks now.]
Ready for a book burning tonight?

Discover new terminology with labeled vivisections (Sample some)
This brain is still pumping with 100% authentic propagandist blood!
To clean the Goebbels brain, use only soft foam and rinse
Parts are differentiated by color for easy identification. Bar-coded wrists.
Occupy the mainlands yourself. Check out the occipital lobe and stem
At any rate, you should buy it. It’s a fine, terrific deal.
Hold it, cup it in in your hands. Admire its Heinrich Himmler feel.
A militaristic texture, like a newsreel from Triumph of the Will
WARNING: Choking Hazard - Not for gassed children under 3 years

1 out of 5 stars: Buyer Beware. PLEASE READ
By Das_Juden March 11, 1936

This is definitely not a budget product. It’s just cheap as heck
Spent time searching for a good brain. Haven’t found anything decent yet
After I caught first glimpse. Horrible. Think they got the price wrong
I’m rather shocked such a low quality product is found on AMAZYKLON
Arteries are poorly drawn, it’s like a toddler with Crayola marker gone loose
It also wriggles & makes gooey noises when I make Matzo Ball soup
The cerebellum makes absolutely no sense in how it's depicted
I’m on the verge of exterminating this thing. My concentration's conflicted
Goebbels met with officers and war reporters to discuss film directives
But when it comes to putting his brain together, nothing stays connected
Investigating further, the lateral ventricle revealed an ugly stain
Turns out it’s Auschwitz oven residue. Well, that’s just fucking great.
Meanwhile, cleaning out the Goebbels, I applied a Final Solution
I don't recommend this product to anyone. I describe it as useless.

My advice? Save up for a better brain from a better propagandist.

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