God Save Norman Man

Posted by Erik Moshe on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 Under: Poetry
Expecting too much of yourself in one day
like a traveling MI5 agent who lost his ID card
and tries to duplicate one in the bathroom
using clip outs of Spice Girls magazines
sequins from American flags drenched in oligarch blood
I think I've stretched far beyond my means
to counteract and launch the countermeasures
By nicking a janitor's card and altering the color codes
National security quotas will be met
Mega camera complex regurgitation
NSA Snoop Dogg display screens and A-Teams
Scanning a retina data base off instinct alone

Look at all the faces...
Look at the people, countries, social nature
Dialects as intricate as pineapple skin
at the checkout counters, the luggers, the marchers
Barely paying mind to the decaying eurocentricity city

Customs agent asks offensive question about
Manchester United socks...
"Smells like shite, don't they?"
I'd beg your pardon, but I swear by no anthem
carry no certificates nor anarchist cookbooks
i have no national affiliation
I am a registered member of the border state of Norman Man Province
Named after the inventor of self determinism's auto cloak
The true individual man with exquisite taste
A non-partisan, non de plume, nondescript

This rigged game implies greater political statements
than the World Cup - runneth over
Norman knew it, he had iron eyes
He had a will which dissipated nationalism
long enough for the shrugged shoulders
to fill with crows

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