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Words can't convey enough;
a sentence serves as lessened thought
In a world where speechwriters remain speechless,
their pens reserved for cleric comp
insinuations shacked up in the towns of the single German septic flock
yet the Hindenburg's adept, and docked,
and all seems to be as cheerful as Winston Churchill's Dresden trot,
on rainy nights, his servicemen's umbrella tops
our inadvertent lexicon functions as symbols working extra long
hours to transform heaps to relevance:
make a majestic lodge out of a leper's cot
Rumors can start if anyone invokes the limbic nerves of selfish plots
- This is why the human formula isn't termed as jello shots -
So choose to use your cornea's and de-mist rhetoric Chechen pox
You mean to tell me you're convinced that Bilderberg electorates watch
the milky myrrh in melting pots to build an urban centrist bloc?!
If it's a sunny day in Kykuit,
would you rather it revert to endless drought?
Rockefeller Center's burning, wet the spout! The sinister tourette's come out
Mrs. Clinton is a pleasant grouch, the Rothschild's cynicism treads the crowd
feeding on our genetic clouds...wait, have you heard of such a weapon now?
Their purpose isn't wholly sketched in chalk, the writing on the wall's a joke
Occultist chimps in search of equinox,
or solutions birthed from cauldron smoke?
It's useless learning all the hoaxes,
do you know what you could do in half the time?
The Dukes of jewels and phallic shrines seduce to rule in Palestine -
Sounds far fetched: delusional, shrewd and asinine
like a rubix cube, the twists and turns of your truly past its time
True reality isn't tangible; the best selling author merely reaches dust
The politician with his monocles of sacred power sees his peephole crushed
The all seeing "I... can't believe you extremist people actually believe this stuff.."
Delirium's tough, and yes... don't get me wrong, the tyranny sucks.
But even if you work out all the global hierarchy's musculature...
you'll still be "that" conspiracy buff.

Don't be a tumor in liberty's lung, a lesion of lore
Dreaming of gaudy, mustached elitist lord arachnids weaving these wars
Oversimplification of foreign policy matters ain't that easy a chore...
For instance, America originated from settlers, teepee's and fjords
while you were preoccupied with Weishaupt's "devious" seeds of accord
Leaving the doors open for nonsensical leering & more...
So what if Washington was a high ranking freemason?
You believe this shit, George?!

Word-based theories can't explain the world
I think you're dreaming the part
cause even the illuminated ones need candlelight to see in the feverish dark

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