Freewrite (feat. Lecture)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, July 4, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

Free safety, she prefered to play the field
clubs, drugs, child left at home
you know the usual deal
Social politics a republican within her peers
only mingled amongst the rich
six figure careers
a sheep in wolfs clothing, to cover her fears
for years mascara blanketed tears
it would appear she coveted assholes
& that pre-teen fantasy of love
was lost in a time capsule
took everything for granted she was a damsel of the scumbags
clothes left to dry on the banister, sandwiched between rum vats
A slum rat, or some cat, an amateur with no manners & a humpback
Quasimoto lousy phototaker, people impaired
she'd never been a part of a love triangle because she was a square
if people would stare, then that was their prerogative
because her relationships were basically throwaways... like a condom is
misunderstood in today's world - segregated against, like an Islamist is
This is just as honest is
even with the mentality to win
Eventually the top tier
still rolls off of the chin
The grim nightmare induced
nature of this world she'd succumb to
Back seats & black streets
childhood hopes would run through
Poisonous intentions with the desire
to only wreck and doubt love
Meaningless hotel rooms
part of her would never check out of
A little gullable was she
never taught things aren't as they seem
She bought into everything when
inconceivable men would sell her a dream
her lies wilted, no bye for a Chi mistress
if only she applied herself
as much as she applied lipstick
she might rinse herself of her sins, and soulless eyes
the holy guise of a dolomite, loneliness her sole demise
Coney Island poltergeist, clinging to the ghost
of a former abusive husband used to wringing at her throat
sing and bring it to a close to end her felony rues
exotic heartbreaker under vanilla sky like Penelope Cruz

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