Free the Black Cherry Prisoners (feat. jube jube)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

One of jube jube’s purposefully lost episodes.

The time of liberation has come upon us…

Marching in the scorching sun, living off of bread and water.
The green apple dictators rule with iron fists
Thrown into prisons, living like the dogs we are
Everyday our numbers dwindle
We must cross the final bridge to freedom.

When I thought all was lost
I regained anthropologist consciousness
Quadrilateral borders are the only thing that prevents
A card game from becoming solitaire confinement
Taste buds are that much more becoming
A pinch of garden snail thought.
Discount Iodine is up for grabs
Escape before the desert sun rises..

We must ensnare this accursed land
The wretched names act as a death call in our heads:
The Lollipop Guild!

In : Poetry 

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