Flight of the Condor

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

Desert plague was stirring under the Chilean sunset
A lone condor lowered amongst the vermillion dust specs
It cautiously descended to the tundra and began to circle
An wise creature with dull bronze plumage and a hint of tannish purple
The carnage was baking in the sun, but it wasn't frothing yet
Without any cause of threat, the bird lowered to enthralling depths
It leaped back at the sight of a small child slain upon the tulips
Cities had become wastelands, people made the wrong improvements
The bird was raised appalled of humans, it's kind had praised the fall of humans
But it couldn't leave the child dying as it laid among the ruins -
Remembering it's own young, it was left to ponder in shock
What can I do for him? the condor had thought it over
Do I leave this young human to the hungry flocks of vultures?
Dehydrated and bloodied, the boy's body was a leathery black
It dug it's claws into the dirt and hoisted the boy onto it's feathery back
His weight securely balanced, the boy peaked out of a crevice in his eyes
Am I on the wing of an angel? he reflected in his guise
While the condor's attention was directed to a scent that it detected in the skies
It swerved to the right and squawked aloud - eyes widened, it cried
A colossal hurricane was coarsing over the desert... so silent, but why?
The boy hugged onto the bird's back, he felt a fire inside
The condor flew forward at full speed in one violent stride
If this is my time to die, the bird thought, then let this be my noble arrival..
It could see patches of green ahead - the Jungle, there was hope for survival!
The bird flew onto a tree, the boy slid off it's back, they then huddled -
As the nuclear sandstorm swallowed the dense jungle
They waited until the storm died out, bodies covered in sand
Though exhausted from the fierce flight, the condor found no trouble to stand
The little boy was barely alive - drinking water from a vine
He looked to his savior, to the sand around him - then he hollered to the skies
Below was a tavern in the trees, a village in the cumulus
There was a human settlement within that fog - such stillness in a huge abyss
The condor took flight and reached a cave beneath a deepened shade
Under the refuge of a eucalyptus, it left the child beneath a glade
Gracias, ángel de Dios, said the boy as it looked to his savior
As bird met the gaze of man in a union of humans and nature

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