Down for Whatever (feat. Destroyer)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, February 10, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses


I'm here to destroy fools, with ploys, u should have known by my very nomenclature
my stature boasts implements of an incendiary vocal nature
placed in solitude based solely on acts of solo misbehavior
blood from my wounds saved and revered like i was a parochial savior
and I'll choke u like a loco Vader, via satellite I bring doom
dark orchestras start the tune when I, death, march into the room
and ladies? they swoon over my dead poetic rhetoric
I'm in the tomb, u ain't pullin no poon with them pathetic metas slick
plus I stay blazed til I wake for real, keep haze on the exhale
your girl opens the box today, because I'm better than the next mail
u really wanna flex? well... honesty i don't advise it
called up logic, and was like 'eat a dick!' cause yeah, D defies it
still wanna try it? u flaming clown lames can get smacked on ya backsides
cause I was raining down plagues while y'all was having snacks after naptime

Free agent. Tarzan. Taking advantage of the chance of oblivion
Vaulted into space followed by panoramic chants from Obsidians
If you plan on resilience, make sure you understand the damage toll
Cause you drunken boxers often tend to mismanage manic manifolds
Stuck a May feather in the book of Blade to mark where the Chinook was placed
Roberto Duran swung his hands of stone at the sun and felt sugar rays
It was flight of the bittersweet concords before the narc hoards took the grapes
It’s a sunny day in Everywhere, far out, apparently kilometers
Indian givers toss gifts of gab to your Cherokee philosophers
I was banished by the gods when they were supposed to be my mentors
Stop tryna tell me how to live my life and I’ll tell you how to end yours
Shoot me at point blank range soon as I creep towards the border of lust
Too many civil liberties, I’ve ordered enough -
Stored in a crux by masons painting picket fences with conformity’s blood
My morals debunked, born in the dumps with the passion to spark
Humanity’s an endangered species - this whole planet is a national park

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