Don't tell me you've never given the Grim Reaper a dark look.

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, March 4, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Just freeflowing...

Killing hesitation through clockwork, I am the top searched suffix
An invisible hand manipulating Mankind like sock puppets
The reason why you met your masters and they awkwardly stuttered -
Your strings were cheaply made from flea markets and bunkers
The harvest has suffered, no scarecrows sprouting ‘round the swarms of the buzzards
And a bloody algae violates the reaches of the field that the frost hasn’t covered
No legionare Jihads in the jungles, just target marksmen mobbin’ the brushes
Your globs of redundance contain no heart like you were locked in a neurologist’s dungeon
I knew a woman from a lodge up in London -
She had a look of steel in her eyes carrying a burden like Andrew Carnegie’s mother
Flustered, her home business of marketing suffered… a palpitated life
Agitated with nostalgic states because she couldn’t get the calculations right
A ladder saint with knives, attacking palisades with light sabers surged
I bet you couldn’t imagine jedi mind trick knights doing paperwork
But they were paid for work, unemployed at the galaxy’s edge
Tired of materialistic people who filled out ‘Nationality: Benz’
Stop and remember boxing contenders practicing facial slaps
You triggered the rage of Vlad, a face to be wasted into aboriginal baby fat
Let’s just open up a case of Schnapps while he opens up that mask with adjacent jabs
I’m peeling apart these maniacs who mainly rap about being as sharp as Abel’s axe?
Some are prone to call it zoned and trippy, this noxious tablet stoned me sickly
Now I’m sitting in a chair in the middle of a lake like I was on the show with Ricki
I trip over acid trips, I see a mass of masochists having rabid cackling fits
Just realizing that in Donnie Darko the rabbit could’ve been askin to piss
Sleeping in diseased medieval collagen, steaming the color of olive rinse
When I was a kid they told me not to look under the bed -
but the monster was smarter than the horror stories depicting him, sleeping on top of it.
Honoring tombs, we’re all living in a modern cocoon, stopwatch Nosferatus
Watching the erosion of sovereign rule, drinking from superbowls like slobbering fools
Take my liberties, take my freedom speech, take my pants off - swallow my lube
Tomorrow we duel, at sunset, flanked by a judging panel of ancient psychics
Do not fear the fat samurai. He slashes his blade using his jaded weight devices
The air ripe with aspartame and typhus, cataracts divided - blame the nitrous
Save the tigers, brave the Tigris, then stead you’re dormant with a beer
This glossy surface of our fragile social order is a torturous veneer…
busy searching for intelligent life beyond Earth when there’s a shortage of it here
So much for knights in shining armor when they’re rescuing the corpse of Guinevere
So much energy dispersed from - it’s too bad my entity’s a cursed tongue
They want me dead or alive eventually
but if memory serves me correctly then it’s preferably the first one.

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