Dinotopia: The Triceratops Museum

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, December 20, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Take note,

Welcome to the Prehistoric Museum,

[contemporary music: volcanic wasteland soundtrack]

Old fossilized bastards get shimmied up, their parchment found in the city dumps eclipsing dust..
Prehistoric bird on a stick, crisp deluxe.
River Styx is the thickest grunge, these lipid lynxes can lick me up...
Critical images enter each cymbal’s snub, 380 ways to view marine life from a crystal sub,
*shrugs shoulders* I figure it’s simple enough
to take a mechanized platypus plantation & reassemble the impotent ducks...
if there’s a racket in Africa, we’ll be winners like it’s Serena & Venus’ Wimbledon’s luck.
Every town hall entrance decorated in DNA strands & estrogen strings making women combust,
monthly fuel leaks causing fallout from triple dirigible ducts (but this could all be just visual fluff)
It seems that maintaining human relations during these days is getting visibly tough,
fuck a wax museum pin up of Monroe, Bob Hope or Hillary Duff…
I'll cause asteroids to blitzkrieg basilicas causin pink-astral balls of antimatter to sketch across the Philistine muck,
call it an artist’s rough draft painting of Jigglypuff.

Right about now you probably feelin' like cursin me:
Jurassic Parkway Apartments: Porch light shining dimly on built in crocodilian nurseries,
overlooking a coastal mountain range with the formations of rock a brilliant earthen green
Arab-Sicilian merchant fiends observe in peace as armored amphibians purge the seas -
serpent teeth constrict eroded shores; archaeologists gauge what diggers dug
the skeletal remains of harbor trout with chompers out & pincers stuck,
the reign of timber-tongues and belittled winter thugs,
writhing in a mixture of tar & grout from liver jugs
& what comes crawling out of their frothing mouths are little bugs,
“My darling, wow!” we’ll sell these for a thousand farthings out in Ithaca...
yet the mood clouds in the Dharma lounge are sinister...
They bought a gown and ditzy gloves, two sexual tyrannosauruses with short arms,
clawin’ round for some Marlboro grounds and titty pumps.
I’ve seen millipedes as long as skyscrapers in Dubai with dubs to match
was feeling good on the surface of things until the planetary crust collapsed
& ancient blue scarab family anthems were sung in rasps…
…can you imagine the rumbling of a hundred trillion legs randomly stamping
rampantly to the techno-Babylon archaic sound of nano-animals tap-dancing?
while smoke rises from bonfires, you hear the Cherokee hunters merrily chanting
Since 10,000 B.C. they planned commandments to be written, a new land had risen!
on the back of a brontosaurus’s back in granite handprints…
No heiroglyphics or subway tram inscriptions.
but the damn width was too wide and the weight was disheveled…
Industries saw the entrance of titanium groundhogs, Duracell battery powered Triassic vibrators
which appeared completely natural when the white paint tainted the pebbles.
Arcadian perils. Godless idolatry fastened to an atheist mettle
The scholarly vagabonds & vagrants had settled
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lost his whole world, but raked in some medals
his silver rapier was in embers but he’d mend it with the mark of an emerald emblem -
beautified by the progeny, he led feudalist scribes to the Wallabies,
then the dreadful meteoric showers of South Brooklyn hit, he survived up in Albany
harmlessly, he exhumed with a brutish cry “you describe my dichotomy!”
His planes of thoughts lost forever somewhere in the Bermuda Isosceles…
time was all a breeze, a portal to the ruinous colonies, otherworldly computed ecology
while a scale-clad behemoth presided over the primordial proving grounds, lawfully.
This was the survival of the physics. Each Sisyphean born faceless
as phantom-ceramic simian lords graze with West Indian horde Gaelic’s,
millions forsaken - while fifty or more patrons ordered Chinese take-out at the Yixian Formation...
General MacArthur sent me a porn tape deck,
but swell with a newfound wisdom,
I walked around the courtroom with a symbol of the Trivium adorning my bracelet. Face it.
The Ear, the Eye and the Arm meets the instincts, the mind and the swarm
of mitochondrial forms, isotopic hydrochloric micro-orbital cores
seen within the stem-cell effects to siphon off the icy ark from a Yugoslavian gorge
- to keep a long story short, when in the midst of dinosaurs, the legend of Life is already lore
This is Paleolithic colony war, so if you can almost smell that pungent jungle green,
Listen closely to the sound of the halogen horns… Check it,
I’ve seen climate change councilmen holding spears with orbs full of petrol soaked in Roman isis
I’ve seen middle aged men who look like they came straight outta the Middle Ages
goin' through a mid-life Mesozoic crisis...but did it discourage me? Never, my soul is righteous

I’ve seen to it personally that the sultan’s golden fleets would sit in a cave, sworn to keep the citizen’s safe,
(which wasn’t a tall order unless you factor in the fact that the Gaul border
is stricken with giant mechanical pigeons that raid the safari-hardened Yiddish parades)
partnered with the blackest pterodactyl’s hunting flying mackerels, it’s a vision of plagues...
All you’ve gotta do is pay attention to the mortally conditioned indictment of slaves
commissioned to stay in secret prisons at Machu Piccu
guarded by velicoraptors with riot control guns, camouflage pistols, grenades & limitless sprays!
To be frank, lend me some bills is what Benjamin’d say,
he needed funds to purchase stun-guns to use on cephalapod-skunks bunkered down in their Tiananmen Cage..
I once knew this girl named Old Nessie, I don’t understand it but she won’t text me
a homegrown Nestles leviathan heartbreaker who damn near swallowed my whole teste
She always used to say “Dwight, I might caress you… you‘re my type, I like to sex you”
but clearly there’s a difference between being born with big bones
and havin’ a spinal column the size of a Viking vessel.
I told her “I suggest you get your priorities straight before you end up in sarcophagus at Monolith lake
I mean… for god’s----… I mean, neurobiology’s sake, sit down, pucker up & fondle these grapes!
Carbon monoxide firewater Solomon’s gates diabolical… wait.
I bleed bipartisan biochemical particles.
(think too much and get lost in the timewarp) caustic cobalt Einhorn, what made Nazis fallible
Enter Wu-tangled up hodgepodge beef canticles of frogs, sheep, moss-eels, and antelopes
metal arm Starscream’s malt steel mandibles, stingy at Megatron cause he popped green Adderals
this the type of shit that’ll make Ben Stiller’s night at the museum plot seem laughable...

Think of these catapulted themes as the dreams of the chief magistrate asking you…
"Are you humbled by a game of universal tarots?
a Nubian version of the Cuban-Kurdish land shifts?
Bruges’s urban campus where Brutus lurked then vanished?
Civilization a collection of rustled pages while us humans search the canvas?"
What are we really doing in this here museum?
to study the enduring elements in the gloom
Prototypes of mammoths proving beyond the shadow of a doubt
-- that there’s an elephant in the room
& just when you thought this one-dimensional adventure was a lopsided dream…
Amber amoebas drift away from my grip…I get convicted for Docks piracy
my pops lied to me, so for those who don’t know gobbledygook squat, just watch quietly
I drop irony, my glock’s ivory, these hobgoblin hijackers won’t stop finding me
All I need is a humble tree house and a soft, vibrant breeze.
descending down the stegosaurus staircase, the curvature reminds me of a bonsai’s physique
Atomic bombs stifle peace resulting in the death of dinosaurs..
I board Noah's boat and scribe now that the globe has dried…
and begin to write,
"Under these frozen skies, we’ll never be truly extinct if we keep hope alive."

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