Detergent Clean-Up (feat. EyeRaC)

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(written sometime in 2009)


The durex is out had to purex their mouths!
The durex is out had to purex their mouths!


instrumentals battered in dirt, devoured by more rocks
fable writtens scattered the earth…empowered by CLOROX
is a new Don(DAWN) symbolizing the XTRA Pay back
they scream gats…Im MR. CLEAN strapped Spraying my AJAX
creatively blast GLADES like a volcano to ash raid
I can dish.water in a TIDE get u drowned in my CASCADE
SNUGGLE the cash pay…ERA sponsored by mere riches?
little fishes in the ocean…so I SURF by the pier vicious
keep clear snitches…its devastation you’ll fear disses
no matter your color, youre toast and Im hollerin CHEER’S bitches
cuz Im cleansing ALL threads turn day into night fall
ya scripts are Mr Hanky in the bowl, I’ll smother with LYSOL
I might brawl with kats who are influence but theyre lines dull
smoke greenery…but trees couldn’t mop the floor with my PINESOL
For gods sake the
Rap games a germ…old metal…and rust dummies
Bugs and Babs reproducing in corners converted to dust bunnies
audios lust for me…emcees backwards, with rhymes too
Disc is wack but cd cover is looking like swine flu…
These dense microorganisms a virus I remind you
Unstable invertebrae incapable to stand on a hind two
weak beefs infested with e.coli raise stakes with a prime dual
Im the disinfectant ultraviolet light or the son that just shines thru
That binds who? Me!! Cleansing savior …rap I defend yes
From birds peaking in the other side of the window covered in windex


It deters us but -
I see the difference in each apprentice
A seed descendant to the white light, bleach's sufficient
Breathing fresh air into material, sponsored by Febreeze conventions
Sleepwalking through the barb wire lands sodomized by dreams and visions
Tryna reach the fences in an honor less colony up-ended
Concentrate too hard on the goats, the herders might bust their temples
You can market Reich scuds and missiles with the right lush potential
I put the art of rap into a laundry machine, had it spinning with black housecats
And golden plated roaches clinging to cracked mousetraps
What you know about that?
I heard the dryer heat up the grapevine and incinerate the raisins
Now watch the watchmakers obliterate creation
From god's perspective everything is beautiful -
I wonder if he shares the same opinion as his windburned intern
When parasites storm the pale tundra and team up with Naomi Watt's ringworms
Your now rockin' with Cassius types who make a living boxing with Masonite
This might be the last time you ever see your name under the flashing lights
Industry, the deceitful beast you might figure
Some underground predators try to test their sights but the strike's quicker
The attic monsters got killed rubbing their backs on the light fixture
Bubbles frothing in the New Orleans swamp, I'm sipping some iced liquor
See this Louisiana bombshell licking her lips, I might kiss her
Eyes on her thighs I feel mighty like a new king of the slums
I love it when Katrina does that cute thing with her tongue..
We can all swing for the sun but when I assure you my glove's onyx
You'll regret dropping the soap with the words 'FIGHT CLUB' on it

The Durex is out had to Purex their mouths!
The durex is out had to purex their mouths!
Some bloodsuckers always try to come up...
But we suplex those counts!

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