Cruelty is no alien concept.

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, April 1, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

Was there ever life on Earth? The alien race frolicked at first
Grey, weightless bodies, inert...
Data sponges sucking up human history for all it was worth
Their research highlighted all of the worst, from nuclear war to genocide
Of course, pesticides were abhorred, & generalized as lawless cause if pressurized
These visitors from the Northern Gemini’s were universally lauded, and recognized
As the most empathetic race in the multiverse:
Their disciplines auroraboreal, not perennial
They’d stop imperial flocks with glossy mandibles, & aiming rocks from Zanzibo
Tonsils locked in harpist acid tones, sounding like a Maharashtra anecdote
Even the death of a planet was given the option of cremation or proper burial
They were simply immaterial, in peaceful existence, ancient, compelled
To preserve every nation of health at every far corner, solar system or atrium belt
and so through their info-technology and patient intel…
They studied human fate as it spelled H.A.T.E. in this latent matrix of hell
Why the destructive ace had been dealt; the reasons why civilizations would melt
Transmitting the bizarre occurrence known as the Holocaust…
The alien race crowed so loud that their tracheas swelled,
Henceforth, it was a nightmare to compare this dreadful species to their sapient selves
For these “people” outer life was misunderstood,
their most prided authors were lame in tongue - many were strange, debunked
War of the Worlds, giant squids, flying saucers and laser guns?
Farewell, humankind. Or as the Spanish tribes said, “Sionara, your day has come!”
In some novels, they’d strike the “Taurans” with blades and grunts
Exterminate entire planets in some cases, their tridents garnished with native blood
“The fruits of their labor was war, our fruits are enlightment, fauna & Gaelic plums
They can’t rewind Rwanda, nor the Third Reich, Crusades or the famine plunge”
Massacres weren’t far in between, but close in succession
Potent aggression was the negotiable weapon. Hope was the antidote for progression
Take for example the Cambodian death stints, or the Romans, the Hessians
A bunch of test tube children who’d dump dead schools into oceans of brethren
When the Inquisition was unearthed, the aliens decided to leave promptly
As they began to see through wet beady eyes what evil could be, possibly
Excommunicated library archive of the extinct: a ferocious breed
Who compulsively composed debris, and ate themselves to death so hopelessly
At war with another like termites, ants and a grove of bees; shrimp of immobile seas
While alien laws for galactic grace firmly stated: Existence is poetry.
On the spiritual coasts of peace…their screens fizzed, began to palpitate fumes
Meanwhile, back on their home planet, “Ancient Humans” was about to debut

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