Clock Strikes 2012

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

Superstition binds us together for mass capital use
Just ask radical youths about depopulation through ecol i blueprints
Study the intimate finger patterns in the people I grew with..
This city had scoliosis so we reach for the shoestrings
But as zombified human cargo, I guess it's all equally useless
I'm still reaching for new things... though since this metropolis is costly
My mind's queasy with walruses marauding through the provinces of crossbreeds
Ingrained bristles in my consciousness make me so utterly nauseous it exhausts me
Nautilus reconnaissance at warpspeed -
Marvin the Martian gives his highest compliments to Starscream
In drug induced stupors we bartered parts of our souls
Cartoonish notes of braille latin flood the parchment as darkness unfolds
Stigmata just gave a speech at the Vatican today...thought you should know.
It said, "Don't tell me how to live my life you miserable halfbreeds!
I was spawned in eco-friendly hellfire, can I get a McGriddle with that please?"
War leads to war leads to.. sentence fragments separate, men act to relegate
7 billion sibling rivalries sounds better than any theory or facts you've said of late...
Center stage at heaven's second gate:
Speaking the news to you is none other than the reaper of numerals
Still life of us as children camped on a park bench, reading the Crucible
Overall, this post traumatic post-apocalyptic crowd's been bleaker than usual
But thanks for listening - the ominous music does bond with the cubicle
Delicious ensembles of sperm armadas are moving to eggs - grayer than corpse faces
Reigns gripped, Death always seems to ace those Arabian horse races
Her sense of humor's dry so I let her sleep through a sand drought
And as the dead sea water trickles from Beelzebub's tan snout -
I'll lay on a steeple in Mecca and see how it pans out

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