Christmas spirits are Shinigami.

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, January 7, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

All I needed was a glimpse to spot what it really was
the gauntly spirit launched itself over my desk to give me hugs
Unwanted affection - I saw mottled reflections, it picked me up
Dark and fanciful yet perfectly skin-woven into human form with wings
it whispered into my ear scornful things, corporal of immortal flings
and yet the midnight princess doesn’t mince words
Crypto-pagan in style, lays in a scowl, hair braided, mangled in towels
Never kisses a frog prince, she just places grenades in it’s mouth
takes the pin out, uses it for decorations for house & home
before a morning of crucifying extinct eagles on her palace dome
Elderwolf has a mightier bite than thee, whiter than snow from Siberia
couldn’t hear the messenger’s shout over the endless tundra
“I tried hearing ya” but generosity’s in short quantity at north quandaries
In poured the poorest plutocracies from port colonies
with news of a Nazi teen wrote Anne Frank’s journal, passed off as biography
maybe subconsciously, you know the gleam of those inner cognitive juices?
The mercury lifespan on a mic stand, I’ll be jogging to Munich
The truth is I’m in Bagram with human reclusive, and used to
How hollow this room is, the gargoyle-like fan launching it’s mucus
Ares turned into an anti-war activist after he demolished the ruthless
No heroes during dark knights, we’re arch types and Gotham’s elusive
Where I’m from
Mythical beasts scale the frosty plains and pray for rain incessantly
Where I'm from it stinks of werewolf dung
& caribou heads over Samoan child soup is considered a sacred recipe
Atomic backwash water overturns autumn leaves, we’re on a strange path
something unholy and saccharine lurks here, disintegrated, image pixilated
like stained glass or a terrible war god’s irritated eye with an indentured iris
Mark your calendars, astrological scorecards & prepare for some event horizons
it’s occurring faster now…glimpses into a leviathan’s past.
Your holiday spirit is coming home to Gaia at last.

In : Rhymed Verses 

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