Captain Corrigan, is that you?

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

Balthazar of the Bermudan fleet considers Salazar and his inhuman league
As the clouds have parted from the lunar sea, outer darkness is consumed in He…
Used to be, a brutish sheikh with the shrewdest youth to make Anubis bleed
The type to get in bed and spoon with beasts imprudently -
Ruthless in his lunacy, Buddhist to a new degree, lucidly entombed then freed
Collecting heads from Nubian baboon regimes..
Improving blueprints only few could see..
The atmosphere was scorching hot, humid from the plumes of weed -
scent of blood and metal in the air.. Grim souvenirs of futile mutiny
Captain Corrigan was drinking Captain Morrigan profusely
Trade agreements by ancient demons from pagan regions
Ageless heathens… nations weakened… raped and beaten
Maiden legions waited with bated grievance for long awaited reason
Throngs of gracious people in armor plated wreathings…
Demagogues retain their teachings, that god remains a cretin
Under the mumbled assumption that the water barge gate’s are leaking
Hrothgar invades the bay of egret, his golden cane an illustrated zenith
Avante guardian angels, incarcerated seamstress, a monstrous race is breeding!
Let the czar deface the weaklings - strike providences of the ninth cognizance
Stand with a farmer’s tan under the Sun Persian sky obelisks
As white tectonic knights spurt from the tops of uncircumcised monoliths
Your probably thinking… why on Earth describe all of this?
I sought a strange device called ‘the pen’ at first, to scribe novels with

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