BRB, gonna go get struck by lightning. (feat. Orc & Schematic)

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I once found Peloponnese where creatures dwell with no breath,
..location: at a netherworlds depth,
In empyrean fashion I felt evils passion freeing ANY that Zeus's metal hold gets.
Crashing through Elysian gates singing to any angels feeling distaste,
Humming a deathly tune of ineptitude whilst freeing the place.
My mindframe is reversed facing angels & worse that's set to unfurl:
I'd say it's a curse - now, the death of the world.
Burd's seeking a dying crush from a giants touch ..
I long for a quietus! Zeus's won't deny it, thus -
My beaded sweat feels inept, as hordes of half-mortal heathens step.
Transported to fields of death..
As my rapier ripped through craters of myth, my Damascus steel has wept ..
Can you feel it yet? curtained by a veil of ruin.
As times seamstress entwines deep stress I know fate is brewing,
Marshall law is a partial flaw, a bladesinger cannot escape the moon..
Strumming, I silently step.. sword and souls concerto, their final duet.
When I reach the chorus immortals reliantly slept.
Dying discreet - those who cannot die lie at my feet. I quietly wept.
Crimson is my chosen colour, I know no other. Painting red the golden city.
Zeus awakens with a shiver of fear & mostly pity.
His golden eyes were the first to fill. 'Herc, I see you've stuck to fighting..'
I had murdered kin but suddenly averse to kill,
......-BRB, I gotta go get struck by lightning.

"Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!"
- Henry Frankenstein


Under my skin there's glowing glyphs that none can see
An animated golem not fully knowing what his instructions mean
This body seems cleverly matched to observe every aspect...
With a mind that sees the lines that control us, but can't grasp yet.
The most important words I'll ever say will be spoke with my last breathe
In a language I barely understand, to free my soul from attached flesh.
That's why I constantly think of death inching close when I'm past stressed.
How bad could it be to refer to this life in the past tense?
We never fully feel God's touch while alive since his passion is searing...
Nearing the heat found in the fury that created the big bang, in theory.
They say the last sense to go when you die is your hearing.
So whisper that you loved them in their ear when that time is nearing...
It's better to talk about negative things in a positive light,
Like when Ben Franklin had a flash of brilliance - he created something he never saw in his life
Molecules literally fighting for a chance to bond with the kite.
Those hydrogenous sights made his fuckin' head explode like a bomb from the Reich.
And suddenly all the pieces fell in place like a Domino might..
Your energy fights for its existence in this instant with every hour you live.
Now just imagine how powerful it is.
Earth's a refugee camp for young souls to rest their weary heads
But quickly forget their destination, and end up stuck here instead...

But BRB, I think I found a way out.
Gonna go get struck by lightning.. peace.

"Most victims survive a lightning strike, although the long-term effects on their lives and the lives of family members can be devastating."


From a bird's eye, bodies thrash in the mud like a clash in a moshpit
The crucifixion of the rising phoenix resulting in the ashes of Auschwitz
These tombs are sacred, a tribalist sediment pride -
And everything is illuminated when your body's a pyro ascending the skies
Questioning the essence of time and why we emerged from hellish depths
Why queens compiled masochistic serfdoms and the termites worked themselves to death
If you can't breathe in the murk, just hold your breath.
Attempt to exercise those righteous, just components
When Malcolm X's body lit up with electricity and he was white for just a moment
Did he feel indifferent knowing his skin tone was altered by a force of nature?
Did he scorn his hatred or thank god that he wasn't left a formless raisin...
Under the sun on a downward spiral, ionized
Laid out in the parking lot, blood hound's jaws dripping with violent diatribes
I'm asking that you strike me down so I can confirm my existence
Cause at times I feel like a stick figure in this bonfire world I exist in
Encore the galaxy's epiphany with gallant beams of symphony
With apocalyptic thunderclouds to balance the scene sufficiently
Today it remains a vague flash in my memories like the bolt that ignites the facade
Zeus was quite the handyman - he drove the nail into the iris of God
of God
of God
of God
of God
God of
God of
God of
God of
Gotta go
I'll be back later

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