Bomb Shelter Apprentice (feat. jube jube)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

Everything is blown up into bombs..

Third world families huddles in the basement cellar
Await the cavalcade of destruction, whistling
Piercing the night air, blazing fires create shit-stained clouds
Smoke the bong one last time
Jamaican grass transform to molten ash

The brutal attention span covers a mountaineer’s parachute
Torn to the point that a safe landing can’t land well
With the enemy’s trade frontier
There are options, Korean babies, risks..
Enough concrete to go around for everyone

While their heads are interlocked in a tropical ditch
New York’s electricity supply, limited
Vitamins aren’t good for you and the smoke alarm is many moons
past it’s expiration date.
The end of the war cannot be suffused by a grain of sand dune

Animals run this way and that,
Holes, caves, underwater, any domicile will do
“Only you can prevent forest fires…”
Smokey the Bear’s last words before the nuclear warhead
lands and he lives up to his name.
Forests incinerated in enormous heat blasts hotter than the
blood red corona of the sun

In : Poetry 

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