Blue Corn Paradise

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, September 5, 2013 Under: Poetry

plastocyanin neck brace
gripped by antigravity
being wheeled through
paddy fields the color
of the pacific

the morning dew
gives off every substance
save flouride, as heat energy
glowing in the hearts
of every aquaphonic farm animal
krill feed on sustainment gels
mushrooms feast on
soiled Gorbachov organs
adherents to landscaping creeds
write aramaic into squid appendages
hoping to establish
communication with
any underwater colonies
capable of "shooting a convo"
with sucking spores & pincers off
in order to inspire
the organic results
of a good handshake in public

Sky news, sky liquor, sky cafe, sky soundtrack
choice of color blue psychotronic clean track record
[[[[[[[[[[[[ embodiment, water mosque emptied ]]]]]]]]]]]]

In : Poetry 

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