Blood and Roses ft. Eviscerate & Rawn

Posted by Erik Moshe on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses


Amongst the cloud ruins you’re now tuned into a sequence of realness
The reason why Mitt Romney has some debt demons to deal with
What’s that bleeding through the ceiling? We see the same gore spread
Beyond time and space, the universe seen through the eye of James Flores
It’s not homage to you it’s more like the higher conscience -
Short circuiting Shire hobbits, I’m your most admired novice
Building Dostoevsky’s Molotov cocktails through reverse osmosis fiber optics
Out of the frying pan and into the fire of Odin’s pyre province
You’ve got some dire options. We live in an age of polar bears & fire foxes
I’m a cleric of symbols, while you’re busy watching TV on the glare of your Kindles
Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb…don’t even try pronouncing that, it’s an Arabic riddle
Known as Saladin, compatriot to amethyst, Arcadian with palace rites
The First Blood I tasted was Sylvester Stallone’s baby as a sacrifice…
They played me but it’s asinine, frustration bursting like a boilin’ urn
Signin’ paychecks in the blood of infidels like Halliburton’s my employment firm
I’ve been to hell, it’s overrated, covert ops mission with Ishmael & Orville Reagan
Israel was formulating sickle cell contortion agents… yeah, I was born this faceless
Exploring the oasis of coral Aegis, looking sharp in a tux of flames
On the cusp of fame, cause it turns out my uncle Schindler listed a couple names


before Canibus, before D.O.C. was writin' lines for Eazy
easily mine was beastly, i was NWA in the times of "B.C."
had Vietnam machines with loco motives lettin off constant steam
constant schemes, stomp ya team with a squadron like Constantine
this not a dream, cause Martin took a hot one, Malcom got shotty pumped
hopefully Jim Crow's in the same pit where Emit Till got his body dumped
fast forward to '91, 2 Live Crew gettin' censored for freakin ass
back when BDP was speakin facts, and back when Alf was eatin cats
i was Superfly, rolled up on a bitch at a bar and smack her fanny
even recall fucking Cleopatra right infront of that Mark, Anthony
givin no fucks, was runnin through cunts doin stunts, catapultin'
later was on the moon smokin' blunts, catchin a Buzz with Aldren
back on earth i blessed canvases, my art insane clearly amazing
chewed shrooms with Salvador Dali...which explains his weird paintings
dated, but shine cuz i'm never faded like king Tut's mass of treasure
plus i'm carved in stone, and what's carved in stone lasts forever..


I'm deadly, the ancient enemy, Moses' focus to part the Red Sea...
gave Mozart his first melody; Madame Bovary on both bended knees...
Told Oswald to get at Kennedy...Im Lucky Luchiano's bravado..
The one who handed Hemingway the bottle...while singin Gospels
I am Pol Pot to Hip Hop, muddied the waters for Muddy Waters
Robert Johnson's unmarked martyr for getting what he bartered
The seize of Galileo, the sea of Galilee; Tuskegee's penicillin
the vow of celibacy; Mengele's mission for experimental brilliance
constructed The Divine Comedy in The Inferno as a gift to Dante
Put up Stalen's curtain, inspired Idi Amin and Suddam Hussein
The cerebellum of the Australopithecus, before the sickness hit
“Bellum Gero”...the fallen hero, that history score couldn't forget
The inquisition's chiaroscuro, Nameth's superbowl...Mantle's looks
Deals and pacts go back to King James's editing of the good book
see not, Enoch...the Coelacanth decent to the Marianas trench
Monuments to the souls magnificent's, blood and roses represent

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