beware the beggar

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

tonight I hear a saxophone
by the Golgotha aquifer

Cold, simmering
wraith of a harlot
blows potassium nitrate
into the passing lungs
of a metropolitan commute

a stench of carpentry
copper wrenches; the scent
of coffee beans shedding their caffeine
cabbage relinquished of it's pigment
Flint, pinewood;
the sweat of Rudyard Kipling
in a glucose pond

Must be the poor lighting
on the park bench that makes him
seem a brutish
cast-iron cheeked fellow

There's no Ponzi scheme!
he assures you
his face is engraved
with train buffer grease

A winding map to your apartment
lays in the hollow dark
of his raggety nightcap
next to the old coins

slipped in there, somehow

In : Poetry 

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