bethlehem steel

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

Bethlehem Steel is a lost cause,
a great waste of space
in the grand schematics
of the dripping flesh groves,
in all of their glorious, holographic clarity.
- the coniferous organ trees,
and the plutonic resin that celestial oaks bear.

Columns of alumni astronauts prance float
through an aurora family album,
inanimate faces, suits as brittle
as wafers blown by a banshee’s gale.

Jerusalem’s atmosphere branded
with heat seeking skyscrapers
checkered light penetrating through
thermo genesis in it’s early stages,
trinity cloud formations
surrounding an apartment duplex
Lazarus rented some time ago

Some things should stay burning
on a daily basis,
overseen by
An age worn beadle with beads of water
on beard frocked with grey berries.
skin less than a grainy residue of cindered leaves,
converging around his parched lips,
The profile of a renaissance era oil painter
eyes like Nazareth's indigo stained glass

You’ve labeled Zion.
But it’s out there…
I used to keep this Canon in my knapsack
just in case eternity came calling.
Yet I regret
not taking a picture of the beach.

In : Poetry 

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