Beaver Currency (feat. jube jube)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

Chomp, stomp the first snail you come across on blackforest road
As the wildfire spreads, money talks and speaks foul words of wisdom
He grins at you as though he has none a worry in the world
Absorbed in his orb of acorns and the hamster nemesis
A new prospect creeps into his wooden habitat
Sending his values rushing down a current of intergalactic loggers
with critters driving a new world order of purpose
Chomp… stop.

What matters the most to a beaver? Trees, dams, and currency
As the beaver family huddles closely during the raging storm,
eating maple syrup – they thank the beaver gods that they’re alive.
On the banks of the Yangtze, they stop to see the approaching horizon
Oriental mental state as they stop… and wait.

Have you seen what a deforestation bulldozer can do to a man?
Tickle my feet, honk my nose, crash into the politician’s taxi in front of you..
Follow the granola bar trail out of the next death defying scenario
Travel an expanse of redwood furry pellets, then let out a cluck of relief
As I shit out the stack of woodwind flutes from last week.

The Chinese child stares at you with his death eyelids
Mumbling the next anime character’s dialogue
You pat him on the head and hand him a dollar
He giggles nonstop, because he doesn’t know..
The creatures of Nibble are coming to crack the surface.

The phantom of the opera glides through the greenery
One sits out from the rest, observing from his plump embroiderment
Of follicles, tentacles, and binoculars through the girl’s locker room
Molten rock coats the ice haven where paper rectangles
Grow on trees and fall off the axis

I can’t control myself any longer…
the beavers are taking over!

In : Poetry 

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