baptising the Albany water

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

Cecil's phosphorescent
skin cells
were displayed against
the shower curtains
blotches of gray housecat fur
glued to the slick nylon

A raspberry vinaigrette towel
rested on the counter
absorbing the morsels of
today's steampunk adventures;
which were rather
lilliputian meanderings

She wraps the towel tightly
her clean, gleaming thighs
as it prickles
like a teddy bear's
tart bleached tongue

Pomegranate gumdrops
fall on her sundress
and fizzle, tomato wine locks
of her hair unkempt
winding through the ivory gates
in a symphony of
whalebrush curtailed
by a bubble boy parade

The water instruments
in the tangerine mist
beating against
her cooly
pink resolve
told a sermon worth knowing by heart.

In : Poetry 

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