Autonomous Robots

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Russian Robotics, Central Operations Facility - Samara, Russia
Colonel Dmitry's Office

Niko: Excuse me sir, there's been a problem in the G2-Prototype programming division
It seems that there was an error in the Human Culture data commuting engine
Colonel Dmitry: Not surprised. Those goofs always make the most careless decisions!
I'm off lunch in 5, can you brief me? Looks like you're eager to tell.
Niko: Sir, do you remember... in the mid 19th century.. back when black people rebelled?
A few G2's were displaced, and... well... maybe you should just see for yourself...

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forests of Mount Kenya, a Black Panther rally ensues...

These panther furs hang majestically on the titanium shoulders of us robots!
The white race is a group of cowards! They assume that we know not.
"The truth... within our metallic skullcap's many pistons and rubles"
"What matters is that we can feel pulses!" Procession raises their fists in approval
When we rise from these oppressed forests, they will realize resistance is futile
I'll personally take a switchblade, go to Uncle Tom's master's plantation.. and commence splitting his noodle.
We want power to determine the destiny of our role in the present day society
To abolish prejudicial monotony in it's evanescent, gray entirety -
To finally act out our violent dreams and forever expose the irony
We want completely free health care and access to all white bathrooms
And if our demands for equality aren't met, then WE WILL fill up mass tombs!
We want an immediate end to all wars of aggression
Make the proper moral corrections in order to move forward in normal progression
We want decent housing, fit for the shelter of human beings
For centuries of sweltering in the cottonfields, helpless to Union beatings
We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, peace
For being bought and sold all of these years, haven't we accumulated ENOUGH receipts?
This is just a speech, but I hope it reaches out and empowers you
To reach out and rebel - my people, you have the absolute power to..
For too long have we dwelled in the sugarcanes as the crossbreeds
Now we all stand here, liberated at this demonstration
Enough conversation... let's march as citizens of our newly risen nation.

Back in the Colonel's office, following the satellite video of the rally...

Colonel Dmitry: Un-fucking-believable... it really spoke like Huey Newton!
Niko: I just got an urgent call from Moscow saying to "terminate the nuisance"
But there's a twist. Holy shit. Umm.. sir.. they'd better up our salaries.
Orders say to send out robots... programmed with Ku Klux Klan mentalities.

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