Ancient Astronauts

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

"Perhaps you will believe the million feet of film that's been taken above...uh... Mexico City, and various other places--if you think that you are alone in this universe
or that you are the guardians of this universe, then you are rudely mistaken.."
- Books of Blood The Coming of Tan, Jedi Mind Tricks

The spanning Orion's where they plan to reside in
Infrared phantom horizons, a dead planet’s alignment
As the red sands shift over our damaged alliance
I struggle to squint with their hellish brand stamped on my eyelids
Underground prophecies were digested by moles
Then extracted by intestinal probes - then gestured to predecessors of old
When life gives you lemons, embed them in seraphim gold
Move through a time capsule sponsored by Excedrin Cold™
Legends untold by the hedgemon's scroll -
“Control the cosmos if you possess the nebulous stone!”
It’s a fusion of..
Decrease in common sense, society daily, just ask Minaj
You had to taunt til’ Zidane head butted layered glass plastered jaws
Swung the nub of what once was a plastic arm, just passed Ishtar
And circled the blue collapsar from Avatar as it became black and charred
I’m battle charged, prepared to have some Cambodians shrink wrapped
Shocked? Sign up as a trooper, the flak vest absorbs most of the impact
All are one on this besieged earth sphere - catch me laying with the natives
When you say “DON'T TAZE ME BRO!” it reminds me I’m ashamed to be related
Let’s celebrate the movement, for when we set our record collections ablaze
Elevator music sets into play.. desert shepherds tethered in melanin grey
Skylarks pour downwards with pigeon feathers and kettle-wind blades
Designed maps on backs of camel’s hooves, poking out like bamboo chutes
In Guangzhou with some armadillo slippers & a samurai champloo suit
The impending gloom of 2012 brought the centuries closer
Spirals of ash collected on Moonlanders documentary posters
I try to live life, stay true and abide by the fire that’s within me
But when I open up my notebook -
I feel like the blank pages are conspiring against me
I'm getting fed up
I’m tired of the celestial wires that resist me

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