An offering

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, June 16, 2012 Under: Poetry

Dark nights in Fukushima
leave Morgaki distraught
botany handbook open on her lap
snacking on the apple with lack of worm
homemade, calmly bubbling rice cakes
on a blouse top, formerly soldier-ware

how many years has it been since the great rupturing?
whe sits on a hammock, soundlessly in thought
counts the patters of acid rain on her industrial cradle
so many were sacrificed
in the name of national nucleus foundations
weapons races
left behind in the final push
for oxygen,
impeachments in a basket at formal picnics

It started out like a children’s book…
"The nuclear power plant that could"
clearly couldn’t.

Fungi patterns formed monopolies
in basic nectar fence squared dispersion grids
smoke reclusively retreated from honeydew pools
of god knows what - the devil even withdrawed

in an act of separating from it’s holding cell
A radioactive meltdown failed it’s piss test
lost it’s job, lost it’s cool and caused firestorms

We’ll need caution tape, masking tape
ahh well. Tapeworms are extinct now.

blood boils with the minister’s coffee
Rigamortis bathes in cup of joe
Bidin’ time to send aid or lend AIDS pandemics

in a world of wastelandic proportions
and Icelandic land contortions
museum displays of the first robot uprisings

Picket signs decay from years of relocated civilians

People of the United Federation of Nuclear-Waste Free Republics
(UFNWFR for short)

I would like to present you with a long lost commodity
birthed from the same science that almost destroyed us all
I present to you… the Samoan ark butterfly.

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