All covenants know

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

All covenants know
the rubble in the snow
is a heap of ruined potential

the earth's skin is a pinkish parchment
shedding porcupine spines
somehow, irritated by the daily grind
the jet ski frigatiers
and evolved hi-speed submarine spirits
leaping, atmosphere high rising
mind gliding reciprocals
of your favorite 'Sound of Water' droplet anthem

Be observant
Be on deck
Be Deckard, if you choose to run along the blade
on the edge of an oval beam
with a handful of medleys of life
small balls of dust and glorious putty
dark matter and froggy hued nebulae
hunched over the backs
of hunched over triceratops
trying to stay warm, to no avail
- their horns keep disturbing the firewood

can any scientist tell me
or madman in their right mind
why dinosaur bones weren't vaporized
and why hope clings where there's moisture
why does every cell
insist on blind perserverance?

my raincoat is dripping with an astronomer's tears
apply the same coat decide to spear that diabolical sphere
it's just an ordinary planet
so the resentment we harbour
gives it the hydraulic power to keep spinning

In : Poetry 

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