Alien Campsites: Are they overrated?

Posted by Erik Moshe on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

You can’t make a crop circle without farmland in the first place
So they hit the Northwestern Ridges - parched, tanned in coerced haste
The moth man was a curse; never much of a threat to the prairie dogs
But they ate them - roasted over a fireplace where terra rarely fogged
In quiet areas of Chantilly, embers flowed, scantily remembered
tent poles installed around the camp like macro animal antennas
A family indentured to traveling locally, which meant planets afar
that spanned from Arkansas’ granite mantle to the sands of Qatar
Understand them so far? Foreshadows of arrival initiated in caves
Shouts of ’get to the chopper!’ making eyes irritated by blades
Puzzled at Earth’s culture - our blood vessels irrigated by slaves
The human race… trying to get rid of these two celestial residents?
Barack Obama’s face could be seen in the bonfire:
“…welcome to Earth,” said a grinning terrestrial president
The fire crackles, sick of this putrid noise, like mentions of ‘Nuke em boys’
Moon boots need to be used to stomp some sense into ignorant humanoids
Take a second to erect vast excavations
Messages of peace to mold our braided hands
With weapons of mass exploration released upon the crater lands
Paranormal cuneiforms, headlined by blinking lights on rubric boards
It’s almost as if the hills had eyes, teary from the starship troubadours
In hindsight, the Heinlein prophecies, flying saucer spin agility
Encounters of the third kind was too kind to our aircraft capabilities
Planned to sit in the oval office with Woodrow Wilson eating soufflé splits
But watched ET on blu-ray disc, and played it so loud the blue jays hissed
I appreciate you being hospitable,
but you’re misguided. Unholy and hostile too.
Our law of design: when freewill & hive mind combine, utopia’s possible
Your assumptions are hollow, the commandment tablets are a covenant motto
So the sun is an indestructible sphere? That’ll get debunked by tomorrow
Cause the Majestic-12 were low class peasants with a budget to follow
We’ve seen organic insects manning battle stations - valiant assemblers
We’ve seen orangutans in cockpits, yet less attracted to potassium than ever
locked in the cellar of a poacher’s home, a penchant for some broken bones
Making bonfires out of corpses misunderstood to be different from their own
Hindered by images of a rogue neighbor, friendly, us hive king elders
“Have a martian-mellow on the house & watch the white cream smelter”
What the fuck are these creatures?
Eventually, these human beings? I guess the terrestrials deem safe
Awakened from alien nightmares in American dreamscape

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