A Space Vacation

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, January 26, 2015 Under: Rhymed Verses

Planet excursion, I'll be damned if I'm nervous
Lowering our hovercraft over the dark blue atmosphere, planning submersion
last year the pundits asked if the Hamptons were worth it
We had nothing to show for it but hotel bills & deeds from lands we had purchased
My wife and I were traveling biologists, seeking aliens lurking
Originally we came for scientific experiments; romance had reversed it
as we slow danced on the surface of the ship's pleasure deck
It was tantric inertia -
You wouldn't believe the gratifying feeling that abandoning Earth gives
She had the body of a goddess, the delicate hands of a surgeon
I had the keys to both her heart, and the Galactic Suburban
At first, it was picture perfect, we landed in fields that were tanner than Persians
unloaded our microscopes and planted our cryogenic cameras - the amethyst versions
Two days later, our ship started being hit by several damaging currents
Were they soundwaves from terrestrial life forms? Or merely random gamma dispersion
I turned on the translation module and listened to the sampling circuits
Unbelievably, it was my wife's voice - commanding and earnest
"Honey?" I said aloud, suspecting the message carried a scandalous purpose
Then I went out looking for my wife on the otherworldly terrain -
only to find out that she was gone. She'd disbanded her work tent
No note and no heat signature - safety measures we'd been barely concerned with
I immediately considered sending out a beacon but we were way off the search grid
My wife's voice flowed throughout the ship like a seductive séance - intangible verses
yet amply enchanting enough to cause a rise in my pants from the verbiage
My head wasn't hurting - just consumed by her soft, ambient purring
For god's sakes, I would've grabbed my noise-cancelling headset if I'd had but the courage
Was my wife abducted? The scariest thought was, was I a man who preferred it?
The sensors went off as something boarded the ship - had my wife managed deterrence?
She entered the control room where I was lying, feint yet observant

To be continued...

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