A Knight to Remember (feat. Lord Shivas SiQ'al & Po*Tense)

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This a Folk-Tale; So Far Ago, That Earth Spinning on Itz Axis has Reversed Time back to the Age of New-Technology..! Now Known as the Year 2010 This Folk-Tale Goes So Far Back to the Diamond-Age; Of the year 3084

As the Demons from the Under-World, Dwell to Take Over the World; Only 3 Knights Prophesied in Earths Beginning Can't Protect Our Way of Life...These 3 Noble-Man Fight as Earths Only Enforcers and Protectors to Stop the Plague of Demons from Wiping-Away What We Now Know as Earths-History

Lord Shivas Siq'al

3084 scores of violence and blood gore, sworn alliances torn into fours, metaphoric to lines drawn on the Planets decaying floors,
Now we're forced into a struggle against The Demons they will shed blood from the impact next will
Set camp around the back fences, and lay in the trenches like many years ago we'll put the armor on and
Crack satellite dishes, suspicious men cloaked in Grey garments catch nets and subatomic deliverance,
Jump securities measurements and run wild at the fortress entrance,
Entrenched in atomic entrapments, blast Demons and sabotage their greatest accomplishments have the elders of the Demon race lost in the madness,
Perhaps it's time for all of the world to be under our domain, We remain like pharaohs encamped in galaxies of galactic foreplay, for years we watched the cascade of peace and calmness mesh within prosperous prospects, our dialect been marveled at by physicians and scientist!
Respect was gained while the Demon empire were slaves of demanding their ways.
Simple-minded fools behave as cavemen infected by pathogens in oxygen days; we breathe as space fish now extraterrestrial pathways!
I'm Lord Shivas I rule over all my Humble People the strongest warrior is Po* Tense he will be the one to save us!
Notorious for his death matches he's only received scars and scratches, while he left limbs detached and inflicted damage like asteroid crashes,
He's locked in a time flux for being evilly crafted waiting to release blood baths in a violent warpath it's deadly consequences if he's freed from his time line!
He's been waiting to battle more with his extent of fracturing death binds,
lines of men have fallen at his blood stained feet,
I know the Lord of Demons has been feared it's going to be hell when these titans meet!
Forward men I see the eyes of hateful trends open the gates and penetrate were talking no prisoners except the highs men. Hold him down when you get him and teleport him to our interrogation facility and tell our top scientist to drug him up while Probing his brain through telepathy!
The rest are leftovers do with them as you please.......................
kill all of them preferable and watch out for the Lord of Demons in the valleys and mainstreams!
Move on! "I saw Blood guts fear and traitorous treachery in all fields of weaponry,
scarred to death soldiers walking awkwardly towards death and bottomless pits of aggression seas!"
all by my hand they marched off some lived others died, Some cried "LORD HELP US!!!" with tears in there eyes!
I can't help but feel the pain of mother's sister's daughters and babies, why?! It's because I let them down behind enemy lines!

Lord Shivas Attacks;
while the Enemies Strike'm down wit the Force of an Axe..
Yet, He's not Gone; As his Eyes Open a Crack..
He Lifts his Arm in that Moment to Past..
Not a Moment could Past..In this Moment to Last..
He Calls Forth Po*TenSe whom Rose from the Cracks..
Demons Scared of his Lonesome Past..
As he Stares Spawn Eye 2 Eye,
and Journeys Up-Ward from Hell's Frozen Shaft..


Silently Arose thru the Depths of Hell, Demons Swarmed the Fields
Rows of Soldiers Armed wit Boulder
Grenades, Gast Tanks, Energy Builds from the Blood thats Spilled
Aid Dyna's Struggle, Army's in Trouble,
FALL BACK he Screams while his Forces Collapse
Po, Watch out.! He Yells While The Trojan of Demons Launch Surprise Attacks
My Name's Echo Vastly Breaks the Communication, Instantly Strikin Fear Thru-All
Shivas Acting on the Instinct of Animals, Flesh Engraved-In the Teeth of this Cannibal
Poisonous Fangs In-Habit his-Skull...As he Injected Venom Into their Savage Souls
Swinging from Trees, Guerilla War-fare, Po's Image Formed a 2 Headed Savaged Dog
Saving my Conrad, I had to Crawl, Not capable to win if I Fight with Pistols
Demons Technology Over Power my Standards, Dodging Camouflaged Guidance Missiles
Chest Cavities Explode on my swords Exterior
Swingin Wildly at Every Threat in Area
.............Sheers Clash In Sparks,
He Gashed my Cheek So my Blade Peeked Thru his Armors Interior
These Demon Inferior........
Outta the Earth They Came, Tryin to Conquer The Land We Shamed
Thru the Flash of Blades, Swiftly I Dash the Flames,
Than Reached to the Heavens and a Earthquake arose from these Hands I Plagued
Severed Limbs in the Chaos, Lord Shivas was Cradling the Feeble
Suffering form Sadness.. he Opened his Fist and Aimed at People
Created a Ball of Destruction, Instantly Decaying the Evil
A Breath to Succeed, Turns to a Whiff of Failure, as It Passes the Lungs
Shoot for the Stars, Supernova's Explode.. Sick to my Stomach as the Damage is Done
Duckin Laser Cannons..The Tazers Blastin, Demonic Beings Steadily Slayin Humans.
My Gut feels Wretched as I Swallow the Facts, than My Heart Paused as the Pains Intrudin
All the Senseless Feudin..........
Agony Lives in the Deaths of Our Brothers, Family, And Others
Looked in The Darkness Eyes, And Passionately Spoke wit the Words Jesus had Uttered
Talkin in Tongues.. where The Demons have Sprung..!
Saving The Miracle of Life is the Reason I Fight.. Thru Out the Years, it's the Reason I Run
Troops Push Us Back, Fightin for Everything That's Right.. In Spite, These Titan Forces
Finally Broke In Our Fortress.. Evils Master Swordsman
Shatter Our Officers where the Commanders were Posted
Shivas Awoke Me to Help Save Earth, But W..e Can't Believe, that We Failed to Succeed
the Prodigal Son.. Only Knight we Need
Fore Spoke by Earths First Prophets, Prophecies
.......Alter-Ego Awoke from the Crest,
Trapped in my Mind, Exploding thru my Personality
His Battle Techniques taught by the Sacred Qu'ran,
.....................Only Emerging for the Blood Drenched Casualties
Quiet..! as he Plan'd to Speak,
Floated Down from Heavens; Studyin the Cycle of How to Repair Life's Revival
Protected by the Blessings of Angels, Armed wit a Bible
Finally Opened his Eyes..! Ready Protect Earths Survival

I Can't Save Earth in Time as the Enemies Breach..
Sought Out Success; To only Look in Me..
Found and Seen..That i could have Destiny Reached.
Until Hell's Worst Beast Broke the Shroud of his Leash..
Killing All Human Beings..Suspiciously Spotted Me;
Thought this was my Last Breaths, in All Honesty..
The AnimalZ Attacking Me...But I Tore the Magnum Free
Let a Blast Release Before my Last Tear could Bleed.....!


Free to Cause Pain and Havoc, Finally Tore From Po's Mentality
I look around Our Fortress to see The Anguish of Soldiers Give In More Rapidly
Every Step I Take, My Foot Sinkz Deeper in a Pool of Bloody Corpses
Earth's Troops Engaged in a Shortage,
As We Evacuate our Defenses in Minimal Portions
Blink of an Eye.. The Most Atomic Evil, Shattered my Ribs Wit the Force of a Crater
Knowing my Life's Endangered...........
I Manage a Blow to Re-Form'em Back to his Cycloptic Nature
No WeaponZ..........!!!
Only Hand-2-Hand Combat can Distinguish the Best of This Evil Clashin
Nuclear Crashes Collapse these Demonic Actions, As I Lead our Forces Combatants
Sub-Atomic Power Fuel'd the Energy Clashes
Massive Particle Retractions, were Abnormally Practiced
You cold see the Bodies Vanish, Soon As the Pain was Imagined
Stare Deeply in Hell's Soul As if Pupils were Strap'd In
Neatly Groom'd in Satin.. I Told Spawn, Ur an Evil Advocate.. Humbly Laughin..!
No Lies..! His Eyes Burn'd in a Fiery Action
Felt the Pressure of Multiple HitZ before the First Had Connected in Fashion
The Ground where I Hit.. has my Burial Chosen
He was On Top of Me When My eyes Peer'd Open
Body, Limbs, Jaw... All were Severely Swollen
He Produced Energetic Bombs & Swung before I could Jump to the Moment
Properly Tearing me Limb from Limb leaving my Insides Corroded
As He Claimed Victory with 1 foot on my My Chest
I Lifted My Arms at Most to my Best
But Defeat Settled in the Heart where I Rest
I'm Done.....! But Luckily GOD Evidently Festered a Breath
As I Tried to Push On my Life....!!! Spawn Scornfully Plotted my Demise.
And..........And Before I Could Rise.......


He smote the inferno of the Earth as adamantium chimes tolled
Surviviors of the Knighthood of Galactus were left to battle the timeglobes
A voice once said:
"Gentlemen, we're now entering adamus prime dome"
Now it screams to the demons that ravage from the caverns of limestone
Legalized catalyst mind probes - imagine the crime toll
They call us savages, docking port gypsies lavished in rhinestones
Yet we march into the devastation led by activist flight drones
Sought to burn by the devil, the shepherd of ravenous pyros
What was to scorch the lifelight of us all - Lazarus might know
Biblical analysts might know -
His blasphemous might shown amidst this disastrous night-zone
Where it rains abysmal scabbards that scald through the white stone
Eyes to the dawn of the omega, 3 warriors bask in the rice groves
The combat pursues, and I, the human catharsis, ponder
"When I die, whether it's a tomb or a coffin
I'll die knowing that I died free from the rulings of bondage
Knowing I might have accomplished what Anubis accomplished
To lie in peace beneath the crimson lotuses that bloom in the marshes
One galactic body soon to be strewn from the harvest"
Then I screamed to the Universe:
"I shall smite down Lucifer's carcass, and pierce the core of true violence
Condemn the darkness to the flame, before the moon rises!"
Lord Shivas bellowed:
"Abandon fortress! These vandal forces are breathing fiery heat and branding torches -
Seeping, leaping upon our ranks in formless hordes of phantom corpses!"
Barz called to him in the midst of battle:
"No, we must defend, we have to fight...
To free this universe from the blackened void of everlasting night!
We will stand this forsaken ground, to await our doom, to breathe ash tonight...
Until my sword falls to the armies and I am left to smolder... and pass from sight..."
And then -
T'was victory for humankind, twas a massive sight...
Our savior resurrected as he descended unto the Damascus lights...
"Legions of Earth, I now realize it was wise to create you
Be at eternal peace, The Centersphere awaits you..."

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